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A Time of Reflection and Recollection

Updated on March 25, 2018
manunulat profile image

He loves to write. It is his passion. It is also his time of reflection and a time to discover more about life.


When was the last time you had a self-check?

Amidst our hectic schedules, we forgot to revisit oneself. We were busy with beating the time and meeting the deadlines. A lot of commitments occupied us. A lot of things happened. And, we entertained them all. We continued to consume our energy. But, we failed to recharge.

So, what for is self-check? First, we need to define it. It is to evaluate ourselves. It is when we determine what areas need repair and overhaul. For sure, we have hidden spots. So that is what we need to discover. But, why? Here are the following reasons:

  • We need to be whole again. We need to feel we are alive. That, what we do has significance. What we do fulfills our desire. It is not just doing things without purpose. It is not doing things out of envy. It is not doing things out of force. But, it is what our hearts tell us to do. It is something that tickles within.
  • It is to heal broken linkages. It is to see which relationships we need to mend. It can be a relationship with oneself, others, or God. We need to determine what causes its brokenness. It could be hatred, unfaithfulness, envy, lack of time or the like.
  • It is to relive life. It will recharge you. It will help you get rid of the toxins in your life. You can think straight. You will do things with much inspiration. You will love living again.

Ways to Do It

After knowing the significance of self-check, I come up with a short list of suggestions on how to do it:

  • Have me-time some time. It is a time of being alone but not feeling lonely. The time you commune with yourself. The time you hug yourself. The time to clear your mind. The time to think something and sort it out. In this time, you can go somewhere serene. It could be in the mountains or visit a church. Just you and yourself where you can be yourself and discover more of it.
  • Be open. Drop all the things you have in mind. Cast all your fears and doubts. Say it if you need to say it. Think of it if you need to think about it. No restrictions. Let your emotion overflow. Unpack yourself. You may need a good companion, then have it.
  • Learn to listen. You may not understand yourself sometimes but, it does not mean you are not you. It is just a way of yourself telling you to have a break for a while. So, you've got to listen to your inner-self telling you something.
  • Accept. Whatever discoveries you may have, accept it. Denial will worsen your situation. It will hinder you to think of proper action. Instead, it will push you to continue doing what might be wrong. But, it takes a lot of strength. I know you can do it. And, you can pray for strength. It works. Just believe.
  • Take action. Plan out things. Feel things. Keep praying about it. Do it. If you need to change something then, change. If you need to stop doing something then, stop. You've got to renew yourself. You've got to get back to your trail. Be ready to face the world with a new you. Be courageous enough to present your being. Be humble to say sorry. Be open to forgiving. Be contented to appreciate. Be grateful to thank you. Be ready to love.

Self-Check Questions

To do the self-check, you may use the following questions as your guide. These questions are just simple ones.

  • How am I? A thought-provoking question. It may be simple but, it takes time to answer. It needs deep thoughts. It explores the abyss of yourself. It then will have great discoveries. You can sort out them. You can correct them. Hate or love. But, it is never too late to change. It is never too late to renew. It is never too late to dream again. It is never too late to redo. Just forgive. Just heal. Just embrace. Just live.
  • How is my relationship with the people around? Are you in conflict with someone else? It could be your brother, sister, mother, father, friend, neighbor or a stranger. Life is so beautiful to exchange it for anger, hatred, pride, jealousy, envy or selfishness. Isn't it heavy to keep that load in you every time? I know it is hard to say sorry. It is also as hard to forgive. We have our pride. It is hard to swallow. But, does it bring goodness? Or, does it worsen the situation? So, we have to humble down to apologize, forgive, thank, appreciate and love. We have to pray to God to grant us enough courage and humility to do all these things. Remember, we do not live for ourselves alone, we live with others and for others. We live to fill in the love tanks of every person we meet on this journey.
  • How is my relationship with God? Are often worried? Doubtful? Anxious? Despair? Then you have to fix something in your faith. Yes, it is hard to trust something you don't know. I am referring to future events because it is what gives us such emotions. It is somehow avoidable. But, by constant prayer, you will develop the trust or faith you needed to face the tomorrow with confidence. Learn also to glorify and thank HIM for all the events of your life. The good ones and even the not so good. For sure, you learn lessons for them. And, spend time with HIM every day by saying a prayer or telling about your day. Just pray. Just believe. Just be confident by HIS grace.

Do you think you need a time for reflection?

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© 2018 Jason M Quinapondan


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    • manunulat profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason M Quinapondan 

      10 months ago from Cebu, Philippines

      @Nikki Khan... Thanks, Nikki.

      God bless you too.

      Happy Easter.

    • nikkikhan10 profile image

      Nikki Khan 

      10 months ago from London

      Thanks Jason for your tips on self check, it’s very necessary to face the difficulties of life with new passion and reviving mind.

      Bless you dear.

    • manunulat profile imageAUTHOR

      Jason M Quinapondan 

      11 months ago from Cebu, Philippines

      @Mary. Thanks for your continuous support. Indeed, me-time is precious. It is the time to listen to the voice within. We all need this bonding time with one's self.

    • profile image

      Annie I 

      11 months ago

      I'm working hard on self love. I've completely given all that I have to others. At 56, it feels selfish and wrong to put myself first. I don't even know how.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      11 months ago from Ontario, Canada

      Spending moments on one's self is precious. It's a time to listen to what's inside, what's deeper in you. Love this hub.


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