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A Tribute: Dear Grandpa on the Bus Playing Angry Birds So Loudly

Updated on April 18, 2012

I was one of the last few people to discover the rage of Angry Birds. Now if you are like me, a little slow on technology news, Angry Birds is actually a game where birds are angry with green pigs who have stolen their eggs. Thus players shoot angry birds into building structures where pigs are hiding to kill the pigs. Yes, the aim of the game is to kill all the green pigs by catapulting angry birds into structures that will crash down to destroy these pigs.

Angry Birds is such a simple game, but it has enjoyed tremendous success among the young, and the young at heart. And in this hub, I tell of how angry birds has given a new lease of life to the elderly....and me.


Now, if you haven’t discovered, the angry birds soundtrack is actually rather catchy - you just need to play a few rounds and the melody will be stuck in your head like an ear worm.

One day I saw an elderly man come up the bus. He wasn’t looking for a seat like he ought to. Rather, he gleefully spotted a little comfortable standing room where he could lean on a cushioned support while he stood throughout his bus ride.

He turned away and his back was facing me and I thought little of his actions. Until, my ears were greeted suddenly by the Angry birds soundtrack blasting on the bus. Ha! Yes it was incredibly loud; all of us passengers could hear it. Out of respect I stifled my erupting laughter that was bubbling upward, although I think the rest of the passengers were too shocked to react.

Just imagine a small sized grandpa who hobbles up the bus. The last thing you’d expect is for a young and cheeky Angry Birds soundtrack to be blasting from his phone! Well I know many older folks have a hard time hearing their phone ringing, or their alarms... so they turn up the volume way up. I mean we all understand and are so grateful that for their willingness to learn how to use a new gadget. So when the classic Nokia Ringtones announce themselves in public, everyone forgives the offender and nods politely when they see that the owner attempting to answer the phone is seasoned in life.

But an Angry Bird ringtone! Did his grandchild hijack his phone to switch the ringtone to a more lively one? Whatever it was, I found that to be extremely hilarious!

But just when I thought my comic moment of the day had ended, I heard more Angry Bird sound effects! Man! He was actually playing the game, mind you! It was beyond hilarious. You could hear the catapult releasing the birds, the buildings crashing down, the giggling birds, the sniggering and snorting pigs.... everything! And it was SO LOUD!

My ears pricked - because he was one the bus for quite a while, I realized from the sound effects that he was probably not getting pass that level, and I was almost tempted to ask him if I could help him play that level (not that I am any better!). Of course I didn’t interrupt his game. I could tell he was just so engrossed!

Now picture this, a little grandpa figure hunched over a handphone blaring Angry Birds sound effects on the bus. How rare is that! I wanted to shake his hand and congratulate him for being so cool!

Well if we thought a little deeper - here is someone who is probably a little hard of hearing, and possibly contending with poorer eyesight, and perhaps suffering from shaky hands, trying to balance himself on the bus as he plays ANGRY BIRDS! That is quite a sight to behold.

Now although I was immensely tickled by this sight, I was actually quite moved as I observed this man. How cute - an elderly person playing Angry Birds. But beyond that, I found his boyish and childlike attitude towards his game very endearing and inspiring. I would be so proud to have a grandpa like that - someone who just so into living life and enjoying it to the fullest.

Dear Grandpa whom I observed on the bus. You didn’t see, but I was smiling so much just watching you enjoy your Angry Birds game. I think the whole bus was watching you, do you know? I hope when I become a grandma, I’ll inspire someone younger like you - cause I think you are cool.


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