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A Trip To Australia

Updated on March 23, 2016

Travelling India and Thailand - careful not to be fooled!

Travelling India and Thailand - careful not to be fooled!

These experiences after two trips to India and Thailand to help travelers avoid the hassle free on the go.
Guests should be careful before the suggestions from the Rickshaw driver when to India. Photo shows a group of tourists on the bus Rickshaw students in Hampi - South India.
India: Tourists are often vulnerable students became the subject of organized crime.
After one long flights from Mumbai to Jaipur - the most ancient cities of India, I get a hotel room and visiting the monuments in the city along with 3 friends from Poland, Italy and Russia: Rafal, Virginia and Anna.

We decided to ask the driver delicious lunch shop and stay cheap accommodation. Rickshaw driver who drove us to the proposed work his boss - the owner of a popular restaurant in the city.
Lunch is quite tasty and everything was normal until the restaurant boss came in. It was a middle-aged man named Rohit. After a while chatting, Rohit started asking we do not need money.
If we agree, the man named Rohit will require that we put down a deposit bond passport photo attached to the bond. Then, we will bring a useless pile of fake rocks and water awaited import company with 5000EU funds.
As he said the words next to the restaurant business, he also opened a company to export gems over outsourcing to countries in Europe. But every year Rohit can only export a limited amount of gems under the provisions of the European countries.
So he often looking for foreign visitors, especially students because the government rarely challenged students at the airport customs, shipping gems to help their country.
The carrier just pretend money to buy a store of precious stones at him, and then you go to the country they just delivered to the company's bid.

Thus Rohit and companies purchase will avoid import duty as well as regulations on the amount. The work is very simple and gentle Rohit available to pay us at least to a 5000 EU / shipping times.

Tourists are often vulnerable students became the subject of organized crime in India.
When we expressed concern because this could work illegally, Rohit assured me that all the people who helped him do this were not any problems with the Indian government. But when I asked why he did not ask those who have done this work continue. He looked at me and said very contradictory "If a student moves to India in too short a time and do it over 2 times, the Indian government will pay attention." So, basically, this is totally illegal.
The next day, I was a good-hearted locals - Danush- said there have been similar cases, but they had us trapped and usually only 2 ended up losing money or in trouble with the extra. If we agree, the man named Rohit will require that we put down a deposit bond passport photo attached to the bond. Then, we will bring a useless pile of fake rocks and water awaited import company with 5000EU funds. Or brighter, which will be the real stone but we may be detained at the border due to be paid once 5000EU shipping rock piles, the value of which we take away will be extremely large and the source then could not be verified.
Thailand: Heroin, prostitution and lose money in the hotel.
I was a Vietnam have experienced living in Thailand for 10 days per month for more than 2 years General flight advised me against excessive exposure to dust citizens traveling in Thailand.

"They can enticement party you go several days, children-friendly, creates faith in me then ask you to transfer a package on behalf of us who know that it's in Vietnam. And often when crossing the customs gate, you will be pleased to hand in handcuffs on charges of illegal drug trafficking. On 1 kg is enough to get the death penalty. "
Although not encountered such cases, but I think this is still a good reference information for people in the age backpacker "yellow brass confused" the.

Besides, I also hear information about the female traveler traveling alone arrested as prostitutes in the brothels of Thailand in Chiang Mai, where the power of the security guards and the more powerful gangs Minister from a lot of people.

Should not be too wary to lose the joy of the trip, but also should not be too friendly with the natives. Snapshot tourists in Hampi - South India.
But it is noteworthy that after local authorities arrested and asked why, because of fear of reprisal and beaten so they do not say that often the real reason is voluntary declaration.

I also have a sister who has traveled to Thailand and lose money at the hotel where they stay. Within 30 minutes of breakfast and for the money back in the room, her money was missing 2000 Bath. Sophisticated tricks that thieves never take the full amount of tenants that only half or a third to create the impression that the passenger was dropped somewhere along the way.
The golden rule when traveling
1. Always ask before getting help from anyone unknown stranger on the road. That does not mean you have to always in a state of prevention and away from everyone on the road traveling. But be wary of excessive solicitation.
2. Never let others know clearly the hotel address in Vietnam and address as well as their migration journey.
3. Never leave money and valuable things in the hotel. Choose buy a harness with drawers inside to put money in the pockets or sewn to prevent lost bag.

4. If you hesitate to bring more money break down some of the money for the hotel and placed in a locked suitcase again.
5. Always a passport photo many worst case is lost passport: a copy sent to the hotel, to the hotel and carried with me a copy. Be advised hotel owners, if over a period of time, you do not return and will not send a message to the owner of the hotel, bring your passport to the police station to find someone.
6. When you come somewhere where you feel not so safe, feel free to bring the other backpacker and always accompany message to the address where the hotel owners and acquaintances in Vietnam.
7. Enable sim phone for your international travel. Charges will be more expensive when using the phone in the country you're traveling, but in some places such as India, you have to change the sim when moving to a new area should in the long term, this project will be convenient and save than.
8. When abroad, in the countries like India, you will have to submit copies of passport table with your information to use or buy sim internet services. Never be left in the USB connection or sim hotel in case your information from being used for malicious purposes.
According to Love Travel


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