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A Tropical Beach in Asia

Updated on June 11, 2010

A tropical beach in Asia,

Shaking, shaking, under my feet, a slight tremor;

The waters recede as if they are being chased back into the Indian Ocean.

Fish flop on the dry sand, slowly being starved of oxygen.

Little dark-skinned children try to catch them with their hands.

Panic, panic, and a mad dash to the car;

Water creeps up behind the wheels like a lion tying to catch its prey;

The pressure subsides as we reach the safe haven.

The atmosphere in the room is similar to that of a mildly gloomy funeral.

The stress washes off in the shower, and our world is calm again, all are safe now.

Well, except for those children catching fish on the beach, they surely must have drowned.


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    • profile image

      dsegal900 7 years ago from California

      I wrote this poem while contemplating what it might be like to experience a tsunami.