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What Is The Criteria To Be A Hubber Writer Or Blogger?

Updated on February 11, 2017
Writing | Source

Appling Oneself To Write.

Appling Oneself To Write.

All over the world, one can find blog sites as they carry a fusion of wares with different methods of writing instructions and care.

Sometimes it seems so hard to write the right article and in another place, it's just as easy as ABC so what is the difference and what is there to tell why are some sites giving bloggers so much hell.

To me writing a good article and with a heart, in it, so many conscious ones can do but it's up to the site's mandate of if they will qualify you.

And to sit down and write an article to get featured as a blog is a very long period sometimes.

One has to wait long, as the need to find out if your article has to be copied is something that I still don't understand as work is written on the site so why and how and where is it copied and sometimes it would really make a writer ask oneself if this thing is a bear mockery.

The decision to find a site that is coherent to a task that will embrace your writing to full max is a way that will see you through as you find the sites that are so right for you.

Qualifying With Quality to be seen-A need to Qualify.

If you qualify to get featured in a blog site to be seen by billions of indiviuals,that is if your article is written the right way.

Written efficiently with quality and clean.
And as far as the comments when will they come when will you hear the speech of conversation from someone?

To be able to reply with a cause of your true potential as with words you'll never get lost.

Writing and blogging, are all the same as a writer puts out works to gain a way to get introduced to individuals in a huge work field arena in a world to know what is and what isn't what to read and get to read some articles that the readers' could not.


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    • Atcelle profile image

      Marcelle Hinkson 15 months ago from Barbados W.I

      @joyceme as I said always write from and with essence and you will not only see quality but You will also see efficiency :)

    • Atcelle profile image

      Marcelle Hinkson 24 months ago from Barbados W.I

      NulfEm writing is always easy but it's what and how you write and with what.

      " A Voice is not a voice until it has the true essence behind it and that is a Truthful Heart of Soul - M.Hinkson

      So NulfEm always write with essence and you will be amazed to see how your works flow into passages so meaningful for them :)

    • profile image

      NuIfEm 24 months ago

      Writing may be easy but to be a qualified writer is difficult. It seems there are some criterias for the articles to be published. Thanks, Marcelle Hinkson for sharing this information (: