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A Vampire's short story

Updated on April 22, 2016

It was a dark night with barely even a star visible through thick clouds. The graveyard was shrouded by a thin vapour that was choking the ground. An owl hooted somewhere in the distance, eerily. Then very quickly silence returned. An hour might have passed, shadows flickering as branches blew in a very soft wind. At some point, an unfortunate man, who was a father had decided to cut across through a graveyard on his way home.

Brian trudged through the graveyard, in eerie darkness with the only light being a sliver of the moonlight that was hazy through a veil of clouds. Brian shivered nervously as he heard the sound of an owl hooting off somewhere in the darkness as he walked along the path.

He heard a slight noise, like a twig snapping. It made him freeze.
It's nothing, he told himself. He took another step then a small black shape whizzed by him so quick he didn't even take notice. He kept moving unaware. He felt uneasy but he couldn't think why. Probably seen to many moves set in graveyards with the dead rising. None of that was real. Yet he thought he heard something. He twisted his head around. Shadows shifted around him, but the path behind him was empty. He turned his head around--
--he went crashing into something that sent him falling backwards as he lost his balance. He landed with a thump, and landed against the side of a nearby gravestone, "Fuck! Fuckity fuck, fuck! Fuck!"
"Are you okay?" A soft, icy female voice said.
The man almost jumped out of his skin. "What the fuck? Where did you come from?"
"I heard you. I wondered if you were okay."
"I don't fucking know, help me up?"
"Sure." The woman obliged. He noted her long blonde hair that went down to her shoulders.
She started to help him up, placing a hand around him but that's as far as it went. She gripped him and wouldn't relinquish.
"What the fuck you--"
Before even got his sentence out, she lunged with her teeth sinking them into his flesh, taking him completely by surprise.

He screamed, and shouted and struggled. He tried punching her but she was super strong and she very quickly deflected his blow. She didn't even flinch when he tried again. She kept on biting him, drawing blood. Blood dribbled down her chin and lips, but she didn't care. His strength, his eagerness to fight back, faded very fast. He was weak. She couldn't remember doing it but she had torn out his throat, out of the thrill.

When she was finished with him, he collapsed by the gravestone in a pool of blood, choking his last breath. She took great delight in watching it--as she always did. There was a slight disappointment in that she wanted to see it last longer; she might have ended it too quick. Silence soon followed. Shrugging she turned looking towards the night sky. It soothed her; she loved the darkness afterall. She drew in magic around herself and surged upwards, without even disrupting a leaf she was that quiet before she went hunting for more prey.

Only after a measly thirty minutes, she found what she was looking for--more victims on a country lane. There was a group of teenagers out walking. She didn't know what they were doing out here; presumably drinking or taking drugs or both. It made it much easier if that was the case. She watched them, stalked them for a while, moving across the trees. They stumbled and shouted, she picked up on the fact that they were lost. She couldn't believe her look on that.
They moaned some more before halting in the middle of the road surrounded by vegetation. She swooped down, cracking a branch but it didn't sound that loud.

However, one of the boys shouted, "What the heck was that?"
"Oh don't be a dick, it was probably a fox." He said, his voice slurred.
"I' coulda sworn I heard summit..."
"Then go check it out..." His friend suggested.
"Right I will."
She lay still and in a crouch, waiting.
It must have been a few minutes before she heard the sound of his footfalls appearing.
She leapt out moving with speed, launching herself at him sending him toppling down to the floor, he grunted and shouted---which gave her less than a few seconds. She mounted him as he lay on the floor and started to sink her teeth into him.

Seconds later, the friends appeared--all their eyes and mouths stared in disbelief.
"Vampire!?" One exclaimed.
But none of them moved an inch as she finished drawing blood from their friend before leaving him their unconscious, slinking back into the shadows.


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