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A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings (Reimagined)

Updated on July 17, 2013

The Old Man

In a mystical world full of magic and very little fun

A realm of sadness is where this story’s begun:

This is a place where a newborn child slowly dies

As the angel of death quickly flies.

House to house,

quiet as a mouse

“But, wait! Could it be?

What’s that there? In the darkness, I can barely see.”

The child’s father couldn’t help but ask.

Some mysterious figure had crashed in his path

In his life, he had seen some wild things,

But, never such an old man…with such enormous wings

He rose from the ground with mud all upon him

His hair was gone and his figure was slim

The sick boy’s mother came from the house

To see what her husband was yelling about

They could not turn their eyes away

They knew they would never forget this day…or would they?

The wise old neighbor lady said he was an angel, sent from above

And that no matter the cost, they should treat him with love

But did they listen? Did they obey?

No, they wanted to know what the Boss would say

The boss was the most powerful man in town

He was the owner of the biggest circus around

When he spoke, his word was law

The people obeyed, one and all

The parents took the poor angel into their chicken’s coop

Then they ran back to the house to feed the sick boy his soup

But! Something strange had occurred,

while they were out helping the old man, the child had been cured!!

The word of the fallen angel finally spread,

Along with the news of the child leaving his death bed

The Boss Arrives

The boss came to see the angel of whom he had heard

And when he spoke, the people said not a word.

“Listen here, my dear folks.

This man is a mear joke,

He is no different from the rest.

We all know my freaks are the best!”

And with these words, there came a shudder

The Boss’s many freaks came out one after another…

They ran here, and they ran there

with legs and arms everywhere!!

One lady had been turned into a spider

and the man with the giant thumb sat down beside her

The people “ooowed” and the people “awwwed”

they were amazed by all that they saw

“Forget the old man!” they would say

“What good is he to us? he should just fly away!”

The mean old boss looked on with delight
He longed for the day his competition would take flight

The wise old neighbor lady sat with the young child

She was saddened to see the town become so wild

She thought that everyone thought of the angel as a toy

Until she took a long look at the boy...

By this time, the child was only 5.

The angel’s crash is what had kept him alive

The angel had been there to take him to God

But, the angel had seen something in the child that was odd

The child was growing up in a world of people so cold,

yet he was becoming more good as he got old

The angel realized the boy had to live

Even if the chicken coop became the fate that was his

From his coop, the old man had watched the boy,

And soon, with the parent’s permission, the angel became the child’s toy

The boy had watched the angel every day from his room

He knew the angel would become his friend soon.

They spoke in different tongues, but the angel understood

that, soon, the boy would bring this world back to good


The People Come From All Around

They came with pockets full of gold

For all the dreams and stories they’d been told…

They hungered for something greater than themselves to behold

People had come from miles and miles

To catch a glimpse of a miracle...or at least an angel’s smile

The parents began to charge admission

to see this angel on his mission

The people poked and the people prodded

They looked at each other and they nodded

But they saw none of these miracles and none of these things,

He was simply an old man…with enormous wings…

The angel simply rested in his coop

And ate away at his eggplant soup

He faced the sun and dried his wings

But, besides that, he did few things

Patience. Patience was the key

It was what separated the people from he

The overzealous crowd continued to demand a show

But, the angel had a plan that he alone seemed to know

The wise old neighbor lady too

The angel spotted her and could tell that she knew.

That just because an angel does not preach,

And just because his God is out of reach,

An angel’s lesson is still one that he

must teach

The people grew angry and began to roar

they still had not seen the miracles they were waiting for

Some came close though. Once, a man almost won the lottery.

From her hands, one lady even grew sunflower seeds!

these little miracles came for those who simply touched him,

but it wasn’t nearly enough for them...

The End

The people had forgotten the angel, but not the boy or the neighbor lady

Near the end, they all sat by the coop that had become so shady

It was an unspoken bond that they shared,

about each other, they would always care

The neighbor lady was old, and could barely carry on

but she promised the angel she’d treat the boy like a son

The townsfolk had only wanted him for selfish reasons

but, the child was born from a different season

His parents had gotten rich off of this new attraction

but the child refused to follow their actions

The boy was caring, the boy was wise

He had become the apple of the old man’s eye

The child was all the things that this world had lost

When they decided to follow the words of the boss

The child was the reason the angel decided he could leave.

In humanity, he could finally believe

So he flapped and flapped his old muddy feathers

until he could fly in this cold, winter weather

But, the angel knew this cold world would not last long.

He knew he had found the person to make right those things that were wrong

As the old man flew away

The old lady knew things would be O.K.

She looked for a while at the very young man without any wings...

and she knew that, from him, the world should expect enormous things


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