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Updated on January 8, 2011

This is a novel I wrote a long time ago.  Sadly for me, no one has chosen to publish it - yet.  I lived in Los Angeles in the 60s and I think my story is realistic.  This is the way it was.  I was not as sucsessful with the ladies as is the hero of my story, but that is what fantasies are all about.  I think, if you enjoy the stories of writers like Sydney Sheldon, Harold Robbins or Jackie Collins, you will like this story.

If you would like to read it, either as originally written as a novel, or as the screenplay I adapted, I would be happy to email it to you.  Just email me at donaldmgately@yahoo.coml. But please realize, the downloads will take time - the book is about 350 pages and even the screenplay is over 100 pages.  So, if you are still interested, read the synopsis below.

Synopsis - A Way With Women


It’s the “sexy sixties” – a time of change.    The birth control pill, “free love”, “hippies”, communes, war protests, folks singers and protest songs, drugs, nude beaches, civil rights demonstrations. 


Rob White is out to savor it all.   He’s a short order cook in Mississippi who “borrows” money from an older woman, a paramour, to move to California, promising to send for her as soon as he is settled.


Hitchhiking to California, he meets three hippies who invite him to join them in their commune.  He does, and discovers a world of drugs, free love and nude beaches.  While there, he meets Trudy, a flight attendant, and they decide to move into an apartment at a singles building together.


Rob and Trudy have a stormy romance.  While she is out of town, Rob dallies with a married neighbor.


Rob lands a job as a “shagger”, delivering type and art to advertising agencies.  By charming a secretary, and lying about his background, he lands a job at the agency where she works.  Then, by becoming a lover to a client, an older woman, his career at the agency advances.  Eventually, he marries the boss’s daughter, who he does not love, and moves to the head of the agency.


An affair with his baby sitter, results in her pregnancy, and is the beginning of his downfall.


While driving drunk, Rob is in an accident and a woman is killed.  He goes to prison for a short while.  When he is released, no one in the Los Angeles advertising community will give him a job.  So, he reverts to a job “shagging”, where he meets a vulnerable, lonely woman  charms her.  Obviously, Rob is up to his old tricks – after all, he has always had “a way with women”





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