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A War within the heart of Spirituality

Updated on July 25, 2012

A battle...not one from the outside but rather from inside ones most extreme depths...a fight for the sole structure of the heart itself,
Call it a soul...or love at first sight...even condolence from repentance of any spiritual gain or loss,
Tangible evidence couldn't compare to the philosophical understandings of the human candle still burning...oh you must know,
To write about such things brings about tears of redeveloping creation of love and lust...anger and despair all boiling to a point.

One could call it God...or Vishnu..or Allah...but in the end a path is always opened for one that truly wants to find their way,
A spiritual beginning...the upstart of a new contradiction...the good against the evil started from that moment forward,
Potentiality found the best of the million suns...a resurfaced upsurdity of frankness and must truly see the path from the other,
One might not fight for you simply based on biased traditions...but without a full stomach and mentalities could start unknowingly.

A prince without his crown...anger building within to secure his abilities as an all knowing relation,
A field of knowledge...simply based upon what we shall call a Higgs Bosom...a Godlike field and particle of super standards,
Evidence based on reluctant truths and withered misunderstandings...tear a hole in the hearts emotional will heal most assuringly,
The heavens looking down or above you...whichever settles your soul's personal preferences.

Production could not be sustained without the spiritual principles...although atheist divisions reflect the scientific conduction of today,
Construction of principle...nature always wins in the creatively giving standards of today's grand entrance,
So it seems that the canton reflections give way to the four pillars of truth...yet simple paths of philosophical understanding supersedes all,
Forgoing this battle is continuing...millions upon billions of years later and before...a simple smile from a unknown presence watches over us all.


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