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A Watchful Eye

Updated on April 6, 2012

A Watchful Eye

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Watchful eyes felt on skin,

burning gaze of judgement sin,

clouding mind and guilty been,

remorseful though I am.

I walk the streets of decisions made,

bleeding from the wounds I pave,

focused by those who gave

the penance I now endure.

It is with scope

I follow what may give me hope,

and plead my case, define mistakes,

and beg for mercy true.

I gave my best and wanted less,

and tried to measure not obsess,

but fallen I my will denied,

to shallow human folly.

If only I had known the truth,

I would have followed not this route,

and walked the streets of lesser men,

not tempted by the evil.

Results not thought from my actions aught,

not place me riddled with guilt.

But here I am my moral stand,

has dragged me to this place.

If only I had not leaned what’s right,

I’d be sleeping like a babe tonight,

not needing lessons and respite,

at peace I would remain.

But truth swept in and taught me so,

for every action I must know,

consequence follows, the seeds you sow

come back and reap the pain.

I realise now that watchful eye

is me alone no other.

My justice eye, my moral guide,

has kept me safe my life to strive,

for better understanding.

For whatever I do, my actions new,

a course will surely follow.

And what that is depends on me,

No judgement from another.


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