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A Wife To Keep

Updated on July 16, 2015

The Introduction

I have realized that most people shower praise-nothings on loved ones when in the process of taking for courting. However, these praise-nothings are brought to the minimum after having that person for a wife. It is pathetic in different dimensions. Does that imply that after marriage, the person is no more appealing to look at? I personally feel bad about such actions.

When a woman agrees to become the wife of a man, I believe that should even be the more reason to adore her. It is rather unfortunate most men miss that mark. Please permit me to be bias in this situation because this is evident on the part of men than women.

I believe after marriage, it is mandatory for the man to love his wife more than when he first proposed love to her. I understand it is not easy being with one person for the rest of one’s life. However, it is selfish on the part of men to make it seem like a one-sided situation. Women also face the same difficulty as do the men.

The poem below reveals the love a man should have for his wife. It is necessary for every man to appreciate and adore his wife.


1. I knew you were my wife from the start,

To share and to care from the start,

To love and to hold from the start,

To cherish and to relish from the start,

I appreciate you more than you think.

2. You are my wife and i love you as such,

You are my life and my all is in you,

The wind blows and the wolves howl along,

In my arms i will hold you tight,

Till i find no fright in you at night.

3. And here we are so old and white,

Still smiling and loving alright,

A life worth lived under this moonlight,

The world may bow and weep o'er our lives,

Like love legends, we bleed to die for this worthy course.

The Discussion

Stanza 1

The writer goes as far back as when he first met the woman of his dreams. He portrays that he has no regrets whatsoever. He loves and cherishes his wife. He would love her again and again just as he did from the start.

Stanza 2

The man in question poses as the great protector. There is a bit of promise in his tone. He will be her backbone and defend her in all situations. That is what he intends to do for her. He will be there for her at all times. He may probably be at her beck and call.

Stanza 3

This stanza begins like some kind of a duet involving the man and his adorable wife. They have grown to love each other over the years and have no regrets being with each other. They believe their love for each other could be a reason for other couples to show love and affection towards each other. They are legends in their own world of love.


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