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“A Wife’s Embarrassing Moment” - FLASH Fiction

Updated on June 10, 2010

Today my husband Bill was coming home from his 12 month tour of duty, and I was so happy. Everyone knew how happy I was because my face shone with joy for the last few days. I smiled extra big at the lady behind the checkout counter the other day and I dropped a ten dollar bill in the tips jar at my local Starbucks. I took the time to drive two hours out of town to visit my aging mother on mother’s day. And you know why I did these things, silly little things that they were? Because Bill was coming home today! I cleaned the house ‘till it shined, every vase and photograph was shining in the afternoon light. I cooked his favorite meal and set out his favorite bottle of wine for our celebration. When the doorbell rang I nearly screamed with delight! I opened the door expecting to hold my honey bear, but was instead greeted by two uniformed soldiers holding a folded flag. That instant my world came crashing down around me. I burst into tears, I pulled at my hair. I was falling, falling down a dark cold tunnel-

My husband Bill walked up behind me. He laughed.


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