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A Wish to Stop Raining Fall

Updated on September 17, 2015

A Wish to Stop Rain Fall

As i have waking up early in the morning

I heard sweet singing sounds of birds

I see rising rays of sun hit with brilliant shining

I fell flow of fresh wind hit my body

as there seem birds are dancing with beautiful song

sometimes birds are jumping to there with shaking their feathers

wow, so nice day, my brain are also playing with these wonderful moments.

but these moments never occur frequently

a day came which take all these my memories

a day of darkness came with shaking of everything

now my mind became full of fears

everybody saw fears that shaken their minds

after that there was not any sweet voices of birds

there was not shining rays of sun

there was not any birds dancing

a nice day became rainy day for all

so, there are always raining days with darkness

so, i thought, Why always we have raining days?

i ask myself and my soul said that

i am always with you guys.

i can do whatever i have capacity to do.

i will help everyone

Please, Do not rainfall again and again

after i made wishes rain fall stop with rays of hopes.

A Wish to Stop Rain Fall.


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