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A Woman Putting Her Marriage Back Together

Updated on April 3, 2016

There once was a woman who made the mistake,

Of letting her head be turned by a snake,

She realized too late that something was wrong,

That her love for her husband was just too strong,

For weeks she pondered on just what to do,

A fool she had been it was true,

But the longer she waited to make things right, the worse things became,

She began to wonder if it could ever be the same,

Then one day she swallowed her pride,

Picked up the phone, called him, and cried,

Please, if you still love me let me come home,

He said that he would call her back, he wasn't alone,

They talked for three hours, but with nothing resolved,

She began to think her marriage would yet be dissolved,

Her life seemed to be crumbling all around,

But she didn't utter a word, not even a sound,

She waited and watched two days come and go,

It began to look like his answer was going to be no,

But on the third day he called and asked if they could spend it together,

And in her mind and heart, hope began to battle back and forth as to whether,

He still loved her and was willing to forgive,

Or whether he'd decide alone he'd rather live,

All day long he let her beg and cry,

Until she even began to wonder why,

She ever thought or wanted to come back and try,

The he asked if she loved him, she knew she couldn't lie,

Yes, she told him even though she had tried to bury,

Those feelings which she talked of in such a hurry,

Yes, she cried even though you hurt me so bad,

And yelled and screamed and made me so mad,

But you weren't so sure, he said, not so long ago you swore,

You wanted space, and that he couldn't be asked to ignore,

No, she said, she knew he couldn't, but there was one thing more,

She told him that the man had asked her to marry him and she realized then that her heart belonged to only one man, the same man as long before,

She told him then that at that moment in time she knew that she still and could only love him who,

Was her soul mate, and the only man for who,

Was her husband of twelve years and the father of her kids,

She might as well just jump in a coffin and nail shut the lid,

Will he be able to forgive her, she asked him once more,

He touched her cheek, and his touch seemed to go to her core,

He looked at her with tears in his eyes,

He told her he wanted her back but without any more lies,

She looked deep into his eyes and told him that her love for him was real and true,

He looked deep into her eyes and told her that he loved her too.

by Pamlia Wall 8/3/97


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