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A Woman's Work Is Never Done - True Or False?

Updated on June 3, 2016

Where did the phrase 'A woman's work is never done' come from?

Times have changed since women were expected to stay at home and bring up the children. Maintain the house, and look after the husband.

I am a single man, and I have these chores on a daily basis. I do the laundry three times a week, clean the house daily, cook daily, make the beds, and do all the general domestic tasks.

And I would guess I am not alone, especially with one parent households now on the rise, and a majority of those parents being male. As well as the male stopping at home to look after the children and house, as the wife earns more than he does.

It has been a long time since we see women in work houses, expect them to do what most of the male population think is their duty. Even today in the 21st century, you will get men who think this is the correct role for a woman. They should come and live in my house, or at least live on their own and find that this is a chore without labels, without tags. For we live in a culture now where woman are our equal, they are more independent than our ancestors.

The majority of women today, are in jobs that would not be heard of long ago, earn just as much as men, if not more; and are a main contributor to the household.

Finally we can live together and know it is not a predominantly male run world, but a world where woman are taking a stand for what is right, and rightly so we should embrace this, and accept them as our equals.

There has never a day gone by, where I have thought I was more superior to my fellow female, as my teachings of housework and chores came from my mother. I lived in a family where my father was just what I rebelled against. He expected everything from my mother, and he constantly reminded her of her duty. When it came to me watching her cook and clean, he was horrified to find his son was helping out with the housework.

It is a lesson that was taught to me well, as without it I am sure I would have been a very untidy male, and would have most likely lived on junk food.

Victorian Workhouse
Victorian Workhouse

What infuriates me today is when you still here men stating, a woman's place is in the home. To these people I find them uneducated and ignorant. I feel with this kind of attitude, they will only breed this into their children and so forth, where we will still be left with barriers. It is about time we the human race, male and female should work alongside each other and give support. Not be told what we presume our duties should be.

I have to admit, I really enjoy doing the chores, the washing and ironing; with some music in the background I find it very therapeutically rewarding. I had a very good teacher. My Mother.

So I would have to say, it is no longer a matter of it being a woman's work is never done; as much as I would say, housework is a chore for all to endure.


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