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A World of Our Own

Updated on August 24, 2010

The urge to merge

The future is a thought.

It has no meaning.

There is only tonight.

On this dance floor.


And this dance

In it's many forms.


How easy your body moves

to music.

How gentle the flow and glide of legs

and the soft movement of hips.

How easy you snare me

and draw me to join,

Face to face,

inhaling your warm breath,

settling in your scent.

How natural that our heads should love

mate and brush,

Eyes search the others for silent stories.

How solemn...the emotion

of unclaimed kiss,

virgin lips placid and waiting.

How sure our steps off the dance floor

take us to other realms.

How easy comfort spreads,

walking together

like oil smoothed over skin.


Our touches tell no lies

seek no prizes.

Funny stories,aimless and sad

have no point...

A gentle touch is a world of its own

Fingertips lightly brushing silk.


Jealousy in the eyes of other dancers

Timelines, rule books,agendas,

the murky hash marks of indistinct games.


Without words,we make our own world

Movement and energy create...

there is only room here for the two of us.

The energy of movement,

the flow of touch.

How sad that others can not have

What we have

On this night.

Without questions or answers

we inhabit that which was made for us.




There is no time in our world.

Just this night.

A Moon, a dance floor and songs.


Mingling colognes,breezes and moving hair.

Deep into an evening

with a different Moon

and different music

Hand picked,

Chosen for a certain room.

Lips and tongues will live

Kisses of different places.


Faces joined,


we sink

beneath warm waves

to a place with no name.



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    • Dark Heart profile image

      Dark Heart 8 years ago

      Thank you Pachuca.

      You know the experience,don't you?

    • profile image

      Pachuca213 8 years ago

      This is so captivating and sensual! I love it!