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A Writer's Checklist (important things to remember)

Updated on October 18, 2014

Writing Means reading

One of my biggest pet peeves is "writers" who don't read!

First of all, if you think reading is boring or not worth your time, what right do you to have to demand or expect time from other to read your writing?

Secondly, as writers, reading greater or even inferior writers is how we learn. From the greater writers we pick up nuances or ways of using imagery, dialogue or other literary devices or aspects in ways we may have never thought of before. Also great writers challenge us to rise to their level. Inferior writers, can not only be good for one's confidence as a writer (and sometimes amusing), but can point out to us what we ourselves may be doing wrong. We can learn from other's mistakes.

Also other's stories are often a jumping point for the imagination.

To me saying "I'm a writer, but I hate reading" or "don't read", is much the same as a painter specializing in landscapes saying "I don't go outside" or "hate going outside."

How can you expect to perform or create an art that you do not follow yourself? How can you say you are passionate about storytelling when you don't listening to the story's out there?

The Right tools

It is a hard world out there, job/money- wise for most, but especially for those of us creative types.

After deciding that ultimately I wanted to be writing I began to search for Grants, Scholarships and such that could help supplement my income to continue having the time to write and to allow myself to practice my craft and evolve as writer.

After a short amount of time searching on any search engine out there you quickly learn there are more scams and junk sites then real.

So where is a writer to go to find legit opportunities?

I found my answer after a 3 hour bender at Barnes and Nobles with friends.

Writer's Market is an annual publication put out by Writer's Digest Books. It is a necessary resource to anyone interested in getting published, and only runs about $30. The next year's edition is put out in the fall so a writer can prepare for the upcoming year. Inside its pages is everything from how to market yourself on social media, guidelines for manuscripts and agent Query letters, a pay chart on what you should be making from emitting to teaching, helpful articles current to publishing practices, to lists upon lists of awards, publishers, grants etc. for everything from journalism to poetry and flash fiction. Everything is organized in a easy to understand manner and is laid out for you.

I honestly couldn't do without the book, nor should any other writer.

Keep Writing

In our fast paced world it is hard to find time to write, especially when you got other work to do to pay the bills, however never stop writing.


Keep a journal by your bed.

Keep a little memo pad and pen or pencil in every bag you carry with you.

When something comes to your mind write it down or make a note, so you can return to it later when you have more time.

Keep your imagination alive, because once it is gone it is hard to get back.

Finding your Niche

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Favorite Great and Not-So-Great Writers/Books

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