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One Writers Getaway Action Plan

Updated on July 24, 2019

It's Nice And I Believe I Can Make It Can Work

Here are all the details

I maybe be crazy but what the hey

Nothing ventured nothing gained

Anyone that knows me

Can look back at my Hubpage writing history

I have been writing for nine years

In that time I have written 2,216 poems

I have made not one dime on Hubpages

Since Google deactivated my account

It has not stop me from writing

I found something more than money

Friendship, loyalty and encouragement

From there I found a sense of peace and freedom

Something I have never felt before

Over the years many people have slowly disappeared

I still felt I had a deeper purpose

So I hung in there

Writing with hope to change the world

Even though poems are probably the least popular

I chose not to waver

I stayed strong and held my ground

In my earlier hub

I explained what I thought was a Writer's Paradise

Exposing myself and my deepest thoughts

I wanted all my followers to know

A risky step that could push people away

I'm drawing in my knowledge and my instinct

Let me give you a little update

I am a cook by trade

I have spent the last 3 decades doing my best

Like so many other people

It is not uncommon to live paycheck to paycheck

Not wanting a lot

So happy with what I have

My wife of 18 years

Our cat Charlotte

A lovely home in Maine

I am blessed enough to have the support of my wife

I am able to write in my freetime

I am loving it

Most of my writings are about issues I have dealt with

They are all my feelings and emotions laid down on paper

Like a paper mache masterpiece

As I work on one layer at a time

I need more water

I need more flour

More water

Then I take a look at what I have worked so hard on

Wow, this is what I have made

I look at it

I look at it


I take a step back

Then I move from one direction to the other

I put my hand under my chin and rub it slowly

I heard someone ask

Is this a joke ?

I wanted to do a good job

Even I am not sure what I created

It is nothing I have ever seen

Enough of that

Moving on

This is far from fantastic

Well, back to the drawing board

I really get nervous

Because I have nowhere else to turn

The next day comes

I am back at it


Trying hard to make sense of life

There are good days

There are great days

Then there are days we can't wait for them to end

Having said it all

Never, never throwing in the towel

Looking for a better way

A chance to help someone

Do something special

Find inspiration wherever it may be

Seeing what other people miss

Feeling emotions that other people hide

This is just another way

That I dig deep

Every time I hit publish

It is showdown time

I need to take a breath

The craziness is all around me

I try to take every opportunity

Then make it outstanding

I try to think of ways to reach and connect with each writer

I don't know if it works

Until people read my poems

I can spend hours or days

It doesn't matter

Each poem calls to me

So this one is no different

I created an idea

Now I have to see it through

As my father would say

You have made your bed

Now you have to lie in it

I thought of a way to raise money

I will send you a personal hand written copy of any of my poems

For any donation to the Writers Paradise

This is one way we can all help each other

To make something good

Not just for us but for so many other people who follow

I was easily satisfied


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