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A Writer's Tragedy

Updated on March 8, 2014

Long gone are the days of writing

Pen and paper were lovers to the end

The vibrant sunshine on freshly crisp white paper

Back when ideas flowed as a river's course in the summertime

Oh, how I wished the days would some back

Now, ideas are just wasted

Brain cannot communicate to the nerves in my arm, down to my fingers

Frustration shows as a single tear drop runs to my cheek.

Will there be a person who would read my work again.

I feel cast out of a joy, a gift that was given to me.

How many of you suffer from some condition that prevents you from writing?

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    • Cherese George profile image

      Cherese George 4 years ago from Trinidad and Tobago

      Again thanks Jodah for your comment and i will...

      Ryem yes it is very painful when something you love cant be done any more thats the reason i wrote this very poem

    • Ryem profile image

      Ryem 4 years ago from Maryland

      Nothing hurts more than not being able to write when you really do want to. The pain in this poem speaks volumes.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 4 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Hi Cherese, we all suffer writer's block,or other things in our lives that interfere with our ability to write. Look for inspiration in things around you like music, book titles, places you visit, nature, or like in this poem, your feelings. Even sadness and frustration are things to write about. I will always read it. Well done.