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It's Fall: A Writing Challenge by Lori Colbo

Updated on November 5, 2018
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Lori has been writing fiction since she first caught the writing bug at age nine.


It's Fall

Well, fall is in full swing. The drive down the country highway where I live is a resplendent feast; the thrill of dancing, cascading leaves across the road; crisp air; and the scent of wood stoves burning Fir and Cedar logs. I find Autumn quite intoxicating so I have been out taking photos. We had a streak of beautiful blue skies with warmer temperatures, but now cold, rain, and a little wind are doing their thing. It is the Pacific Northwest after all.

Thanksgiving is in a few weeks and my mouth is already salivating for tender, moist turkey, my favorite stuffing recipe, and pecan and pumpkin pies. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (Easter a very close second) because there is no need for commercialism, fairy tales we have to tell our children, and it is (or should be) about gratitude. Every day should be Thanksgiving.

Having said all that, the day after Thanksgiving should be put to a stop. Black Friday should be named Greedy Friday. It's appalling that the day after we celebrate a holiday where we give thanks for all that we have, and the next day deranged, greedy mobs come out of their carb coma from the day before and wrestle, push and shove over super sale merchandise. I refuse to partake. Shame on retailers for starting this trend, they are greedy too. It spoils Thanksgiving in a way. Especially while at the dinner table with friends and family the night before and a person or two or three start talking about where they are going to shop the next day and what they want to get and how early in the morning they need to line up outside the door of the store they want to shop at.

Enough about that. With the inspiration of fall color and Thanksgiving, I thought it would be nice to share a brief video I took a year or so ago. It was at the local library parking lot. I was waiting for it to open and thought how stunning it was to see the wind in the fall trees through my rainy windshield. I put it to music. Enjoy, then move onto the challenge.

Fall Rain Symphony

The Challenge

In honor of fall and Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to have a writing challenge on either/or. I am posting a few photos. The one at the top of this article is of a small country church out where I live. It was so bright out when I took the picture I couldn't see much through the camera viewfinder on my phone. I just held it up in the direction of the church and snapped. When I saw the picture later at home I was struck by how the sun shining on the cross on top of the church made it glow a bit. Kind of cool, eh?

There are two other photos below. One is an outdoor staircase (it goes up to an over-the-garage apartment but it doesn't have to be in your story or poem) and the other is the little graveyard next to the church. If you'd like to take this challenge, you may choose one, two or all three images to craft a poem or short story. Please tie in fall and/or Thanksgiving. Send me your response through my "Contact author" with the link and I will put it at the bottom of this hub.

And now, the final challenge.


Give Thanks

Simply write in the comments, or incorporate in your writing three things you are thankful for.

Here are mine:

I am thankful for God is my life who is the Creator and giver of all things.

I am thankful for my sons and 14 grandchildren. I have the opportunity to speak into their lives wisdom I've picked up over my 62 years, but they inspire me a lot more and I learn from them when I listen to them.

I am thankful that despite my very low income, I have everything I need. Poverty in America is wealth in the eyes of countries around the world who are lucky to have a meal every day. I live in a 400 square foot trailer and have a full refrigerator, a closet full of clothes, a TV and a laptop, and an old but very reliable car.

© 2018 Lori Colbo


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