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A Young Man's Broken Heart

Updated on October 12, 2015

Hearts Can Heal

She had been his dream, why did life have to seem so mean? He had loved her so much and all, why did he have to take the fall?! He wondered if he could ever get his life back together, or if the wind had just blown it away like A feather. He was still young and had so much to offer, if only in life sometimes he had A Schaffer! The only way for him to get through this, was his dream of again someday finding the love of A sweet beautiful miss! He would show her the love he had and all the things he could give her and hold her tight, and keep her he sure just might! With this in mind, he sat down for his thoughts to unwind.He knew with dedication and hard work, that he would definitely not look like A dork! His love for life, sure was worth the fight! With good rest and sleep, he sure was not going to be weak. With that in mind he decided it was time to head for bed, to rest his worrisome troubled head. The softness and coziness of his beloved bed, made him feel that surely in life he will certainly get ahead! With that he slowly and blissfully drifted off to sleep, and he knew all his plans he would surely keep!

© 2015 Marian


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