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A Joyful Child an African Story

Updated on January 14, 2020
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A Dialogue: Corruption

Two young people discuss corruption in society in general and the school environment in particular. Follow the dialogue between Nfor and Tanto.

Nfor: Hello, guys. How is it going?
Tanto: (, you guys are not going. You haven't heard that I failed?
Nfor: Don't get bored, guys! You are not alone. There are several people who also failed.

Tanto: Yes, but why only boys and not girls? They are smarter than us?
Nfor: But ... (hesitates)
Tanto: But what, guys? You don't know that even the weakest also have success?
Nfor: How did they do it then?
Tanto: do you live in another company, you? Don't you know that even the teachers are corrupt?

Nfor: So don't make excuses, Tanto!
Tanto: What excuses? Do you not hear the teachers' complaints? They are not well paid and some have already forgotten their ethics!
Nfor: So we are the ones who have to suffer?
Tanto: Well, it's because we can't do anything. We are still young!
Nfor: Where do we go if the exam success is selective?
Tanto: See, you guys, we can spend the whole day chatting about this topic. So leave me alone.

Nfor: Goodbye, guys. Have a lot of courage!
Tanto: Goodbye, Nfor and let's continue to suffer.

SODJI and his wife considered themselves happy to finally have this treasure: a pretty naked doll with a graceful smile. Although the man could not read it To his first child, he adored Dansou with his heart because Dansou tightened the ties which attached him to this woman.

He adored him gratefully because Dansou was his victory over his enemies and the reward for his loyalty to both.
Aviessi showed no less tender affection for her dear firstborn. Her own life seemed more precious to her because of the amount of solicitude she had to lavish on this long-awaited son. No pain, no sacrifice cost him when it came to Dansou. No creature in his eyes was priceless and no longer deserving of loving consideration. That Dansou was the only child she ever had, it didn't matter to her as long as this unique Dansou lived and grew up happily by her side. Very early on, the baby became his companion, his friend. Confident ...

Dansou cliiil the mirror where his Soul looked at himself
She laughed when Dansou laughed
She cried when Dansou cried.
She laughed and was full at the same time, when, to make a diversion, Dansou mixed One for both.
Dansou was his thing.
But it was also the dance thing….

Three moons after the baby are born. Aviessi resumed her work in the fields, fairs, fetching water, etc. Dansou, astride his mother's back, Dansou, like a prince on horseback, became acquainted day by day with the environment called to be his. He was always naked because he had to familiarize himself with the sun. He was often quite naked because he had to be resistant to the bad weather of the seasons. Hygiene and childcare did not harm the young mother. So she took care of her child, with a lot of heart, certainly, but also with a lot of negligence and involuntary risk. Very soon the pet was introduced to decoctions and other therapeutic forms.
They made him take it At any point, wrongly and through. No fixed doses. We stopped when he couldn't take it anymore. We would start again if by chance he vomited the first dose. Then we took him by one arm than by the other and. just like the little girl waving her doll at eye level, she was made to fidget in Fair so that the swallowed liquid descended to her in all parts of the body and even in the feet. In case of fever, when the child's temperature was high, we simply plunged him into a cold bath from which he emerged shivering. Were his eyes turning a little yellow from the fever? Quickly we crushed some herbs whose caustic juice served as

eye drops. We did not attack the fever itself. We went after the people who weren't allowed to change colors. These rudimentary and violent methods, these empirical methods in honor throughout the country, even at the present time, sometimes give good results, at least apparently. But very often they aggravate the evil, or else move it while waiting for it to reappear under another Ton ...

Aviessi, therefore, took care of her child as she saw fit. But, despite his vigilance, the baby did not enjoy good health ... Somehow, Dansou lived among his loved ones who pampered him.
The child grew quickly and soon was able to go out alone and have fun with other kids on the edge of the lagoon. The parents' vigilance gradually diminished, Dansou asked for nothing more than to give free rein to his whims, just like the other children of the country.

© 2020 Tezeh Collins


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    • T col profile imageAUTHOR

      Tezeh Collins 

      2 weeks ago

      THANKS Tammy

    • tammyswallow profile image


      2 weeks ago from North Carolina

      This is very creative and a wonderful look into a new culture. Keep writing great articles!


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