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A childhood memory

Updated on September 6, 2010


Memories of childhood

It is very true what my parents told me when I was a young boy and I have held those words of wisdom close to my heart and never lose sight of them. My dad once told me that when a young man grows up and faces his life as an adult he will face the world with many choices and will encounter challenge, disappointment, joy, accomplishment, sorrow, heartbreak, celebration, loneliness, friendships and most of all a drive that comes from within that makes everything possible. My mom, being the sensitive and caring one always told me to always have love in my heart and never lose sight of my dreams and my hopes. She always said that we live our life in God's image and he has a plan for all of us and when we learn this then we will go out into the world and do all the good things we are supposed to do and we will seek a companion to share our love, our heart and our soul with.

My parents both had a way of touching me with their love and their words of hope and inspiration. They had provided me a life full of wonderful and cherished memories that I enjoy to this day and it helps me in raising my son. I always knew that life was something of a mystery and just felt blessed to be experiencing it with my family and the ones I love. When I add another year to my life and share it with my family I am truly grateful and the memories of the past and the new memories will forever be a part of me and will be carefully tucked away in the recesses of my mind.

When I think back to my childhood and I see through the eyes of an adult who is now a loving husband and a very caring and devoted father I sometimes wonder how I am so blessed to still be here and to have such a wonderful family and how the time has just passed by in such a way that I find myself puzzled that 5 decades have come and gone and I still feel the same as I did when I saw the world through kid's eyes. I certainly have matured and have met many challenges and responsibilities along the way and experienced all that my mom and dad said I would.

I would say I am living life and doing my best and sometimes wish I could do more but realize that my main responsibilities in life are to serve my employer, provide for my family, be loyal and loving to my wife, teach my son morals and how to mature and become a fine young man, be responsible with my finances, debts and obligations, reach out and help others as I have been taught to do, work to be resourceful to make my own opportunities, always be charitable to causes and organizations and to always be faithful and thankful to God for all that I have been blessed with.

The memories of my childhood have been locked in my mind and my heart and have entered my present conscience from time to time as a result of hearing a song from my youth or visiting something that was a part of our family past such as the home I was raised in by my parents when I was a young kid in Brooklyn, New York or driving over the Verrazano bridge that my dad worked on when I was a baby and talked about when I was a young boy and how I felt so amazed and proud. When I see clips of the 1969 Mets celebrating their world series victory I think back to that moment sharing it with my mom and the many times mom and I would watch and cheer on the Mets. These memories are so precious to me and they make me happy and smile when I think back to those special times. I always have mixed feelings when i see my mom and dad as young parents and my baby pictures as those times are long gone now and my parents are both together in heaven. I miss them both so very much but my memories of them are wonderful and I share this with my son so he knows. He was fortunate to meet my dad, known as "Pop" to him and he truly believes "Pop" is still with us as he always reminds me.

I am very connected to these wonderful and sad memories and I try to teach my son as best I could the importance of holding on to our childhood memories and we try and capture as much as we can in photographs, video and writings so our son will have something to remember when he becomes a young man and wishes to share with the one's who are important in his life. It is my responsibility as a loving, caring and supportive dad to instill in my son confidence, the capacity to love, the importance of respect and the ability and desire to always do your best. The connection to our childhood memories are the link between our past and our present and we need to have that interplay in our life for perspective and to remind us of our past so we can move forward.

Life is a wonder, a joy, a blessing, a gift and it is what we experience second after second, minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year and decade after decade and I am proud to say I have been blessed to now be on my 5th decade and still counting. Thank you mom and dad for the precious memories of my past and my childhood and to my wife and son for our special memories as a family and for our future together.

I love you Maria and Matty!

Edward D. Iannielli III

My mom would sing this Irish song to me when I was a little boy!

1969 Mets

Clips of Verrazano Bridge under construction

Verrazano Bridge drive on Belt Pkwy for Dad


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