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A cold thriller

Updated on July 25, 2017

About the novel:

  • Author: Camilla Läckberg
  • Title of the book: The Ice Princess
  • Original name: Isprinsessan
  • Genre: Romantic, Trhiller
  • Country: Sweden
  • Published in 2003

This book is the first one of Erica´s and Patrick´s adventures. The place where it is located is Fjällbacka, a Swedish town, where Camilla Läckberg born in 1974; it is near the Sweden bordering Norway. Fjällbacka is 165 km from Oslo and 520 km from Stockholm.

Main characters

Erica Falck: a Swedish author who left her hometown, Fjällbacka, when she was little, along with her parents, currently deceased, and her sister Anna.

Patrik Hedström: a police officer that works at Tanumshede police station in. He was Erica´s childhood friend and loved her since he was little, but years late he married Karin, his ex-wife.

Alexandra Wijkner: The 35-year-old woman who was found without life and childhood friend from Erica. She worked at Gothenburg and was married to Hendrik.

Nelly Lorentz: One of the richest people in town Currently widow. She had a biological son, Nils, who disappeared years ago and an adopted son, Jan.

Anders: a talented alcoholic artist that was in love with Alex. He is the main suspect of the investigation against Alex murder.


Erica had to return to her hometown after her parent´s death. She planned to stay there for some days, but the news that her childhood friend, Alex, killed herself changed her plans, due that her friend´s parents asked Erica to write something in memory of their daughter.

When forensic results arrived at the police station, they revealed that someone murdered her. Also, the family was informed by the commissioner and agent Patrik, that Alex was pregnant. The only suspect that the police have was Anders, an alcoholic artist whose fingerprints were found at Alex, but he cannot be the culprit, then, who was it?

Do I recommend it?

Yes. Although it is the first book that the author published, the plot is interesting and well written. The language that she used is simple and clear, without many medical terms. However; the reader can find some mistakes in the plot and in some moments she makes it a bit predictable.

In the other hand, her characters are well described, such as the landscapes and crime scenes; the romance between Erica and Patrick, main characters, is not very passionate due that the author gave more importance to the crime than their love, in spite of that, the situations that Camilla created for them, are sweet.

4 stars for For plot

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