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A darkness- poem

Updated on February 14, 2017

A darkness

A darkness

Grows and festers inside

It cant be beat

It cant be driven off

All I can do is hide it inside

This monster that waits in the dark

It sees what I see

It knows what I know

But wants me to do these terrible things

Unspeakable things

But if I fight it I can keep it in the dark

Chain it with friendship, chain it with love

Keep it in place

And use these chains to empower me

To give me purpose

To give me something to fight the darkness for

For I fear before I had these chains I was giving in to the darkness

A little each day

But with you I have driven it back

And chained it

These whispers though

They still mutter in my mind

And sometimes... only sometimes

They drive on through

And I do things I regret

Nothing you would see

Nothing anyone would know

But enough to make me see

All the reason to keep it in the dark


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