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A date with the date

Updated on April 30, 2011

21st November.....

A date Indeed!

"And when the Goddess undertook the mighty task of mending that huge dome of Ithaca she ordered for 54000 stones of which she used 53999 stones and one single piece was left in sheer oblivion in the shadows of the sombre mountain"---

Roop looked at Deshraj and asked almost in a whisper--  "how strangely one single stone was left behind! But you know Raj I would have simply loved the state of sheer oblivion; to be left out and to be with myself!"

Deshraj hugged Roop and nudged his nose in her dark auburn cascading hair,  which was hanging loosely as she lied on her belly, insanely close to him.

"Come close you little darling"- Deshraj dragged her closer. His brown eyes gleamed in the lightlessness of the fast approaching dusk.

"I have to get dressed fast Raj and you also hurry up. I need to reach home before he drops in" - Roop almost rushed to the washroom.

The flush door of the damp toilet was left ajar and Deshraj could clearly savour her lean and well-toned body projected against the crimson hue of the tungsten light.

"Roop, I love you.. be mine forever" - Deshraj's voice reached her ear. "I love you too... her voice faded behind the closed door. She bolted it. The sound of the falling water and her  hum of a strange tune made the dusk heavier. Deshraj was feeling sad as he had to leave her now however that's reality. He almost dragged himself out of the bed and stood in front of the mirror.

"I am tired with all these hide and seek. I am thoroughly drained out with the idea of leading a parallel life! Do you understand that Raj? her eyes met his in the mellowed darkness that hung inside his car.

"Few more days love! Trust me things would be alright."- Deshraj swirled his left hand around her neck. His thumb touched her nape and she could feel the goose pimples all over. ..


"Maa, am not finding my question bank. Its simply not there on the table. Have you kept it somewhere else? -- Maaa can you not hear me?-- Tinni shook Roop from her reverie!

"Yes , I have arranged your table and the book is there at the shelf .Tinni please try to look around and scout well before asking me"-- Roop's voice sounded course.

Tinni left the room in a whimper. Did Roop hear "disgusting!" - she thought to herself- Yes, no, maybe - doesnt really matter!

"Maa I will be late, will have to go the library today" - Tinni almost rushed out leaving the half finished breakfast.

"She is not eating properly. Why don't you try making the breakfast a bit interesting? may be she is not liking the same old juice, bread and egg! - Joe scanned Roop with his piercing eyes, leaving the morning newspaper aside.

"Felt bad as I said ?" Joe held her index finger and asked.

Not really! However the fact is no matter whatever I try to make the plates 'interesting' Tinni will leave plates unfinished. For God's sake try and understand she is growing up and we also did the same! or atleast I did the same!"- Roop laid the table for him. The bitter sweet aroma of coffee filled the air!

They drank coffee in utter silence. Joe scanned the paper and Roop gazed at the sky. she could hear the sound of an aeroplane however could not locate it in the blinding morning sky!


The afternoons are her very own time. Since childhood the indolent noon fascinated her. It still does!

"I need a date Deshraj" a Cut off time please becuase i believe if i cant do it in next six months i wont be able to do it in the next 60 years"- Roop looked at Deshraj with her wide eyes fluttering in anticipation

"What do you mean by a cut off time?" there is infact no cut off time i can wait for you till my last breath. Deshraj's earnest voice triggered her anger

"Why on earth will you wait for me and for what God damn reason?" I have to either make it now or break it tomorrow. I just cant hang on like this forever. That's not me and you know that, right? "Her voice cracked as she tried to hide her tears....

opening  the brown fat diary Roop lied on her belly. It is her own time to play with her mind, with her words with her intangible wave length...She writes...

May - 2nd, 2012

We couldn't make it deshraj but still we have a date in hand - a date, a particular time when we once again live on the edge. A date which might either make us fall in love with life or help us in taking refuge of the unseen.

Have you ever been in the hillside? i know you must have. And how have you felt standing at any of the dangerous corners where nothing but death lurks? You felt nervous right? and desperately you tried to look back to gauge the safety of your existence. That's what our reflex is and that's why we are alive.

Our date 21st November hangs in the air like that deadly corner of some quiet hillbrow. Either we would step back to gauge the life's safe distance or we would jump into the eternal abyss of endless unseen or may be we postpone and fix up another date...or may be we both forget about the concept of date altogether  suddenly....


It is raining since morning as if the sun has pledged to not show his face to the mortal beings. The chilly breeze of late November coupled with the  continuous rain has made winter even more harsh, bit merciless perhaps.

Today is 21st November. Do you remember the date love?- Roop's cell beeped!


Roop brushed her hair. Her 35 years of youth looked fascinating in that purple chiffon saree. She locked the door and headed for a date. Yes, a date with the date, 21st November! Rain drenched her , the droplets hung from her chin and formed Kafkaesque image. Roop walked with her head up, shoulder straight and eyes open. "date with the date" She smiled looking up at the sky and rain drops touched her teeth as well.




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