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A day in a life of a rug

Updated on October 19, 2012

I am bigger and fluffier than you the brown biscuit coloured rug said to the red rug. So what do I look bothered you mean rug replied the red rug. Shhs be quiet somebody has come into the shop maybe my luck is in today red rug said the cookie coloured rug. The couple strolled upto the counter and asked the shopkeeper how much is the big biscuit coloured rug up there hung up. The shopkeeper replied fifty four pounds today OK brilliant we will have it. Cash exchanged hands and that was the start of my new life. As soon as I got through the shop door  I felt the cold wet rainy breeze hit me and sent a shudder down my nice fluffy coat but I will be home soon rolled down on a brand new floor I cant wait. What seemed an eternity I arrived at my new home big brown door scary looking. Oh well at least I am not on that ghastly shop shelf any more. As soon as I entered the house I got a real nice smell of baked bread yummy that smells nice I thought to myself. Look at me all cute in front of the coal fire brand new and my new owners keep on looking at me can this life get any better. Whoosh..........what what what was that oh no what is it a big waggishly animal thing with teeth. Come here Ben shouted my new owners and off went that ghastly animal wagging in its stride. At night time it felt really scary down here on my own when my owners disappeared and I had that animal thing laying down on me. Oh no what is that I thought I am all wet and cold that ghastly animal had wet me with pee. When my owners came down when it was light again the saw what the animal thing had done and said oh no we are going to have to get rid of the rug now the dog has pee on it. The man replied OK then but we can replace it with that much cheaper red rug then I will chuck this one in the furnace at work. Sadly this is the end of the story but the biscuit rug did not get chucked into the furnace he was re homed in the garden shed and know the dog keeps him company in the shed also to stop him peeing on the new red rug. But if you thought the red rug had it cosy the woman owner had a bump in her belly which can only mean one thing..........You decide goodbye.


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