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Women safety-A day dream?

Updated on March 14, 2018
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Alan Cherian Rajan(Alan Raj) is currently an engineering student at Amal Jyothi College of Engineering,Kanjirappally.

Woman- An early bird in every home!

It is a routine for Jyothi to wake up at 4’o clock in the morning. It was only some years before, she got married and moved to New Delhi. Being married to an orthodox family seemed to shatter many of her dreams. It was only after a long protest, she was allowed to work. Kitchen is the first place to work in a day for an ordinary women in India.

After preparing breakfast for the family, and taking a small bite for herself, she went for work. She was lucky enough to get a seat in the public transit. after two stops ,a pregnant lady get into the bus. Nobody seems to offer her a seat. Jyothi gave up her seat for that lady. She could understood the pain as she herself gone through the stage. Pregnancy is Indeed a painful thing in a woman’s life, but it makes her life complete. The joy of being a mother! She seemed lost in thought so that it felt like the bus reached her stop faster.

Day in Office!

As she entered her office, she saw her boss firing two employees. Next was her turn as she was already late by 5 minutes. She recollected her college days where she used to get scolding for being late by 2 minutes. She often think that her boss should go through what she is going through right now. She knew her only way to being an independent woman is this job. If she had an option, she must have resigned her job when she was forced to work on her early periods. Whole women is not in need of a leave in those days (may be). But being a lactating woman, she deserved a leave. If this office ever had a feeding room! I could bring my child here… she thought. She felt respect to Kalpana Chawla who studied in Punjab Engineering College (PEC) as first lady student which doesn’t had a women’s toilet. She even had to protest to get an admission just because she is a woman.

A safe return???

After a day of work, Jyothi left office. It seems like public transit is on a sudden protest. Her wait for a bus remained like an unanswered text message. Her co-workers seems to left in their own vehicles. Her call to family was not connected, so she hired a taxi for herself. Sun spread its golden yellow rays over the city. In minutes it gave way to streetlights. Suddenly Jyothi noticed, the taxi has deviated from main road and entered a lone road. She asked to stop, but no use. The streetlights were less and there were no surveillance cameras. Yet she started to scream “HELP!”

“JYOTHI- Are you daydreaming?” asked her mother in law. The milk in oven had spilled. Jyothi was sweating vigorously. As she poured a cup of tea for her mother in law, she received a text message. It read: “HAPPY WOMENS DAY!” followed by a mail which says “Dear Jyothi, please sign this petition if you really concerned about the safety of women in India. Your sign can change the world!”

3 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of Rate the level of Safety Women Receive in India

© 2018 Alan Cherian Rajan


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