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A Day Of Discovery

Updated on September 21, 2014

Begin Again

We don't always have the answers

It doesn't mean we can't find them

When we turn to other people for advice

They may be uninterested and less than helpful

So we have to look inward to find a clue

All we need is a start

Then things begin as the ball gets rolling

Before you know it we have line after line

As each line leads to the next

Now we have form

Picture in your mind all the piece coming together

Are you excited ?

Bang bang

Let our mind wander to freedom

Closing all the gaps and loose ends

Keep In mind

That's the American way

Don't let anyone or anything hold you back

You have to create the mood

That makes your ideas flow

I sometimes stop for a snack

To refuel and give us energy

Nothing short of Incredible

There is a lot of work to do

Any negative thoughts have to be dismissed

Let your positive ideas and brain storms materialize

There will be plenty of time to relax

When we find what we are looking for

Feeling so happy we pushed ourselves

To the limit

Surviving all we went through


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