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A father unknown

Updated on February 5, 2013

The mystery thickens

The man in the photo is my biological father. He and I both share one thing in common, our DNA. He was absent from my life growing up and I never knew him. I had seen pictures growing up of myself as a baby on up to about the age of three with a head cut from the photo. This person was at times holding me or just generally in the area when the picture was taken. I never knew his name or what he looked like. It wasn't til I was age sixteen that my mother finally told me about him. At first she lied, saying it was another man who was my father but after speaking with him I learned different. I do not know my mother's reason as to keep this man such a secret. I can only think of possible reasons for it.

Present time:

Two days ago I was looking online just for the hell of it to see if I can find any information that was new or relevant to this man. I found some things written on back from the year 2000 that had email addresses so I took a chance and messaged them. To my surprise, I received a reply within five minutes and that is when things came into motion and fast.

I found a half-sister that I didn't know existed and then came more information about other siblings. We started emailing each other back and forth for about an hour, I sent her a pic of the man who is our father so we could be sure that it was in fact the same man. Then we caught up more on facebook and then more half-siblings emerged. I also got to see photos of family members that I didn't know, like my grandmother.


Before the year 2000 I had in fact found a half-brother and half-sister that lived in Utah and had talked to my brother. In the year 2000, I talked to him again and learned that our father had recently passed. It was a menacing blow knowing that I would never meet the man and hear his side of the story to which I was told by my mother which sounds so bizarre that it can't possibly be true.

Back to present:

My oldest half-brother will be celebrating his 60th birthday next week and I have been invited to come. It will be a long awaited meeting for me and make his birthday one he will never forget. I will also get to meet some of the other siblings that I never knew. It will be a landmark within all of our lives.

Finally, since all of us have found each other and never really knowing the man whom we share DNA with that perhaps now we can all find closure on those long lingering questions we've had growing up. Who is this mysterious man? Why did he father us and leave?

I know that this is not a well written hub but I am just wanting to get this out within the online community just in case there are more "unknown" that we do not know about. I will write a full fledged article in better detail at a later date.

Wish us luck!


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    • dkm27 profile image

      dkm27 5 years ago from Chicago

      My husband's last name is not his real last name. His last name was changed when the most wonderful man married his mother. He adopted her two little boys. My husband's biological father called him after 50 years to tell him he was dying. My husband was kind, but he only feels love for the the 87 year-old man he calls "Dad."

      Okay, this is twice today that Hubbers have made me cry. Pretty powerful group of writers. Pretty powerful group of wonderful humans too.

    • profile image

      cjs 5 years ago

      This was beautiful and well written - too bad you did not get to know him before he passed. But so glad to have found you and welcome to our family. Have a blessed day and evening.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Well I look forward to that next hub then! Troubling to be sure; I was adopted and have no idea who my birth paretns were, so I have some idea of what you are feeling...I'm sorry it happened the way it happened and I hope you can find more answers in the future.