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A Fleeting Love With an Egyptian Girl That Leaves a Lingering Ache

Updated on August 28, 2020
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An Air Warrior and devotee of Lord Krishna has published over 120 short stories and 15 books on fiction and 4 on military history.

The beginning

The UAE is a swell place and one which is worth a holiday if you have money and want a high-end life. Luckily I had the chance to work in the UAE in one of the big American multinational companies. I had many friends and a lot of time I spent in the high-end bars. My favorite was the Rays Bar which is located on the 52nd floor of the Hotel Shangri- La, a five-star deluxe joint.

One evening I drove to my friend's place, a local Arab.

"Pal, "he said, "why don't you get married, Isn't it about time you tied the nuptial knot?"

I smiled and said, "I haven't met the right girl yet but maybe if you can arrange for a local girl I could marry and settle down here."

The Sheikh clapped his hands and said," The local Muslim girls are very conservative and your chance of booking one is next to impossible but there are lots of girls who come from Egypt, Lebanon, and Turkey; good Muslim girls and you could easily have one of them as a companion"

"How come, "I asked.

The Sheikh continued, " well my friend most of these girls can't have the freedom which they get here in the UAE and so they come here to let their hair down and have a good time. Most of them are fairly well to do. But mark you, they will be friends with you but they are very mercenary. Don't be taken in by the hijab they wear, for they are more mercenary than others and before they undress for you, they will shave your purse and credit card more than any other woman but you will have the exotic charm of a Muslim girl's company."

" You coming for a drink to the bar," I asked.

"No, "he replied, " I've got to take my wife out for some work so all the best to you"

I decided to go to the Rays bar and reached the place. Soft music was on and I took a seat looking out towards the city. It was an exotic site with the city glittering below in the night sky.

I ordered a Macallan and some roasted meat and sat down looking out at the view below. I was engrossed in my thoughts when a small rustle of a dress attracted my attention. I looked up and saw a beautiful girl wearing a hijab standing.

"May I join you, sir," she asked, "I see that you are alone like me."

The girl exuded charm and I immediately arose and pulled up a chair for her.

" Ÿes, "I replied, "It's my pleasure."

She sat down and held out her hand, "I am Laila, and I am on short holiday here from Cairo"

"Fine, you are Egyptian?"


For the next three hours, until well past midnight we sat and drank and ate snacks. We sat and talked and talked and somehow we built up vibes together. It was soon 4 AM and the barman and came and whispered softly to me, " Sir, the bar is closing."

"Fine, "I replied, "we are on our way."

I looked at Laila and asked, "You need any help, I can drop you"
"No, "she replied, "I stay at the Shangri -la, and I will go"
She got up and looked at me, her eyelashes fluttering, "Look, sir, I enjoyed meeting you, but can we meet tomorrow again at this very place?"

She shook hands and left and I paid the bill. As she walked away, I could make out that she was an extremely beautiful and slim girl and my heart warmed to her and I resolved to come here tomorrow. But at the back of my mind was the warning by my friend that these girls will shave you of your wallet and cash. Would this girl also do it?

The tryst and love

The next evening I got ready when my mobile rang. The dial showed that it was my friend the Shaikh but I was not interested in spending an evening with him so I didn't answer. I drove to Hotel Shangri-La and quickly went to the 52nd floor to the Rays bar. As I entered the bar, a soft and romantic atmosphere seemed to overwhelm me. I was wondering if Laila would come or maybe she had just made a remark and won't come.

I was looking around when a tap on my shoulder made me look back. It was Laila. I was delighted seeing her and said," I was just taking a chance; I was not sure you will come"

She smiled and I can tell your friends it was one of the prettiest smiles I've ever seen, "How could I not come after a wonderful evening"

We sat down in an exclusive quiet corner of the bar overlooking the city below. Laila now removed her headscarf and allowed her hair to cascade down. The simple act of letting the hair fall down and shaking her head added to her sexuality. We started drinking and eating and talking about everything under the sun, from rockets to the moon, to India, America, and anything. Time flew like a bird and we really got sozzled with more and more drink.

After a couple of hours, I could make out that the drink was getting a little too much for Laila though I was soberer. The Macallan is a top-class whiskey but it has its limitations. It was 4 AM now and closing time and the barman and brought the check.

Laila softly whispered to me," please Mike, can you please escort me to my room I don't want to fall on the way going there"

I gently escorted Laila from the bar. Outside the bar, I realized that Laila needed more help and I did something which I wanted to do. In one swift movement, I lifted her up and cradled her in my arms and with a firm step began to walk towards the lift. At that moment I was reminded of my cadet days and my physical training instructor Sergeant Thevar shouting at me, "Cadet, pull harder, I want you to climb up the rope and come down."

There was nobody in the corridor as I carried Laila cradled in my arms to the elevator and then pressed the 70th floor. I carried Laila to the door of her room and opened it and carried her inside and laid her on the bed.

"Ok," I whispered, "can I take leave now?"

Laila now opened her eyes," I am not that drunk and I like the way you cradled me in your arms and brought me here please don't leave me now."

My heart beat faster and faster as Laila's face came up to me. I knew that when I kissed this girl, an unutterable vision would flash before my eyes. I waited, listening for a moment longer than I kissed her. As my lips’ touched she blossomed for me like a flower.

I pressed my lips to hers, and they're searing hot. I whispered against her lips, and now I unzip her dress. She just caressed my hand and as I lie down with her on the luxurious bed I realize I don't have a condom but what is ordained by Lord Krishna has to happen. It was a night of hedonistic delight.

The denouement

We awoke in the morning, still entwined in each other's arms. I kissed Laila and said, "darling I think I should be moving now."

She looked at me and in her disheveled state still looked extremely enticing and said, "No please don't leave me, I am here for another four days before I fly back to Egypt and these four days I would like to spend with you, so take me somewhere else"

At the back of my mind, I was wondering about the warning by the Shaikh but I was loath to leave her.

"Fine," I said, " let's drive down to the Mercure Resort in the mountains at Jebel Hafeet.''

We packed and left. As I came down to the reception I found Laila was not there and the receptionist smiled at me and said, "Madam Laila has said that you will be paying the bill for her hotel stay."

I was a little taken aback but not surprised. The night has been so wonderful that I didn't mind paying but now I knew that Laila was a golddigger.

The Mercure resort is something, which even people from America must come and spend some time. It's located high in the Jebel Hafeet mountains and is one of the most beautiful resorts one can think of. It is a luxury resort and from the swimming pool, you can look down the mountain to the town of Alain below. It's a romantic place also and has a lovely bar which twice a week has a belly dance.

We spent four days at this lovely resort. Laila was like a dream and she also wore swimwear and we frolicked in the pool. My mind was sold on her and I thought what a good idea in case I propose to her.

I decided to keep this for the last day and when we came down to my Mustang I looked at Laila and said I have something to tell you.

"What is it?"

I was silent for a moment but probably she guessed what I was going to say. She patted my cheek and said, " Mike I know what you feel but I am already married"

I felt as if a ton of bricks had fallen on my head and it took me a minute to recover my equanimity. At the back of my mind, I was thinking of what the Sheikha told him me that such girls are golddiggers. But to my mind, it looked so unlikely that Laila was a golddigger.

Laila went away and weeks passed and her memory remained with me. One fine day my secretary came to me and said, " sir we have received a bank transfer from Egypt in your name along with a small note."

"give it to me"

She handed the note and I opened it with some trepidation. It read, "Mike, I thank you for a wonderful time but I feel I owe you my part of the expense incurred by you, so please accept it. You have given me a great gift as it is and I am now happy with my husband"

Readers, what was the gift? but I never knew but I realized that Lord Krishna has mysterious ways and none can fathom his mystery. So in the end? did I meet Laila again? but that's another story.


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