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A game of love

Updated on August 16, 2015

What is this sensation?

That change my emotion

this feeling become my inspiration

Being with you is like a devotion

They met in the most fucked up way possible, with him taking pictures of his illegal business, then getting caught by his man, jumping off the roof and then getting caught again and getting rape as a form of punishment (more like I excite the beast in him when I jump off the roof). I thought after that I would not be able to see him again,that everything I experienced in his hands is only a nightmare. But fate is also messed up, we met again and agai and I found myself got dragged to his business. Although he never failed to saved me in any dangerous situations I found myself into.

I don‘t know how it happened or when it all started but I started feeling something for him, and this feeling whatever it is scared the hell out of me. I don‘t want to name this feeling because I don‘t know if you also feel the same. Although I think you already have a clue. I know you‘re a dangerous person, you‘re the type of person that I really hate, the type who I want to be caught by my viewfinder. But I started to keep a blind eye on you. My brain said to stay away from you but my heart can‘t seem to run away.

Meeting with you was fate

Knowing you was the best

I know it’s not to late

Cause you‘re special among the rest

The first time I laid my eyes on you, it‘s like a predator catching sight of it‘s prey and the more you tried to escape my grasp, the more you excite the beast in me. You‘re different from all the people I brought to my bed, because you practiced the opposite of what they do.My desire for you can‘t seem to be satisfied, you keep me hungry for more, I want to have all of you; your heart, body and soul. So I take advantage of some situations to trap you in the cage I created to have you all to myself, for you to see only me, to love only me. But what I didn‘t expect is for me to walk right through the trap I created and get caught and now I can‘t escape because I have let you to my home, my life and my heart.

For the first time in my life I felt fear, fear of losing someone important to me. You shook me to the core and I felt weak.

As time goes by

I know I can‘t lie

This feeling is hard to hide

And without you I can‘t survive

When I saw you two outside of that hotel I was really angry and jealous. I know I might not be the only oneand it hurts, I really thought you‘re gonna stay with him, but you came home, and laying beside you, all my anger fade away but the self doubt had increase. Then that guy came asking about my relationship with you, who is he to you, because he seems to know something about us. A situation have arisen that made me choose between you and my job, but I already decided that long ago, and I choose to let go, but why do I feel so much pain of knowing I can‘t be beside you anymore.

But like a predator hunting it‘s prey you have found me and I can see it your eyes that you‘re mad and with your touch, your kisses and the way you held me in your arms, you made me realized that I can‘t lived without you and I feel so small, so weak because it‘s the truth, even if I deny it, I know I can‘t hide it. You also made me realized how insignificant I am to your world and that I dont fit to be the person to stand beside you but I dont have time to pity myself, I want to be useful, I want to show you that I have a value to.

Your smile becomes my happines

Your tears becomes my sadness

To have you is full of sacrifices

Being with you will be filled of disguises

You‘ve been missing for three days, you foolish brat, what have you got yourself into. They found you in jail, you‘ve been in trouble again. I want to ask you what happened, but seeing the look on your face, you look devastated my kitten. I know you‘re hiding something from me. And knowing that you tried to run away, it hurts me, but I cant show you that, so I made you feel how painful it is, but seeing the hurt written in your face, I cant seem to inflict the pain in you and I felt drained.

Under the shower I let all the sadness and the pain be wash away. It’s funny, I, the kingpin of the underworld, is wrap around your finger, you dont even know how much power you have in your hands. Can‘t you see you‘re my happiness, my sadness, and my life. I will give you anything. I can throw away everything, just to have you. But why, why still you doubt yourself. Why can‘t you see how valuable you are. That any amount of money or power can‘t be compare to you. I looks like you have to see for yourself, so I would let you find whatever it is you‘re looking for. Just for you to be satisfied. Just for you to stay by my side.

Loving you I never regret

Even though it really hurts

I choose to stay by your side

Even though it means suicide

I have found my answer and I regret everything I did, I hope you can forgive me. I feel ashamed for doubting my worth to you, when the proof is right there in front of me. How can I be so blind when you‘re always there when I need you the most. And now tied up in here in this warehouse at the mercy of your subordinate, someone who is consumed by the feeling of being not enough and fuel by the want to be equal with you. I can see it in his eyes, the envy, the rage, and for seeing me dead. With a knife pointing at the back of my neck, I can feel my life slowly slipping out of my reach and Im scared, Im scared of living you behind. But I was saved by fate, it was not my time yet however it may not be the same for his subordinate.

I don‘t know how can a person do such a thing for love while here I am still denying my feelings for him. Im amazed of their courage to play this kind of game, seeing how dangerous it is, with their life on the line. However I have decided that I would watch his back and to never leave his side. I dont care anymore because right here at the roof in the middle of the night while fighting to survive, I know that I will never let go of this man, I will cling tightly to the chains that bind us together and I will descend with him to the end of the abyss.

What I feel for you is real

Never think that it‘s only a deal

I Love you with all my heart

I wont let anyone break us apart

It didn‘t suprised me that you get in trouble again. The fear of knowing you are in danger doesn‘t disappear it just increase knowing you‘re out there with you‘re life at risk. My trusted secretary and bodyguard stop me from going to where you‘re contained but I didn‘t listen to whatever they‘re saying because I need to see for myself that you‘re safe... Because I need you to depend on me more. At last I got you back, right here beside me where I can keep you safe (although you‘re more in danger here beside me, but I‘m a selfish and greedy man so I can‘t let you go) I’m glad that you have found your answer. I will do anything to protect you because for the first time I have found true happiness and I can see it in your eyes that you will do the same for me. So right here at the roof in the middle of the night while were fighting for our lives I will surrender myself to you and together we‘ll go down to the ends of the abyss.


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