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A Grain of Sand - A Pearl

Updated on November 6, 2018
shimmering Dawn profile image

Shimmering Dawn is passionate about poetry, and she enjoys writing poetry, especially romantic poetry.

Friendship - A Grain of Sand That Becomes a Pearl

Like everyone, I love making friends, however I am not very outgoing or over friendly to begin with. Friendships are rare and precious to me. It is like a small insignificant grain of sand from a huge beach, which is chosen to become a pearl, This tiny grain enters an oyster unwittingly perhaps and becomes a pearl in time. We come into contact with hundreds of people in our lives, but it is one single individual who some how touches our lives and makes it beautiful. To make friends is a huge commitment. I generally watch a person, study him/her for a time and only then let them into my life. I am not too friendly in a way, but once I have found a friend I faithful to the end... I will always be there for them, no matter what. That is friendship to me.

A grain in the sand
A grain in the sand

Friendship is like that priceless pearl, valued treasured, taken out and admired often. Friendship is like a soul connect. A part of you mingles with the other, a spiritual relationship, in a manner of speaking. The Bible talks about the friendship between David and Johnathan in this way, it says that their souls were tied together.I know that for many around me a friend is one who fills the gap, the ones you hang out with for pleasure or maybe just serves a need. I am not talking about such superficial relationships.Those so called friendships do nothing to you. I am talking about soul ties which leave indelible marks on your psyche. When you lose such a friend or on the verge of losing one, it tears your inner being, disturbs your emotions and shatters your peace. A friend is the mirror of your soul he/she is a bridge that connects you to the real person you are.

This poem was written at moment when my soul ached and cried, I lost a friend. I just decided to give my emotions expression with words strung together. writing poetry is cathartic, so this is soul cry offered in poetic form.


A Grain of Sand

She has learned to love,
And give of herself,
To those she lets into her life,
It has been her fall,
She can see it all,
Through the pearls,
That cling to her eyes!
Often a stranger comes along,
Calling out a greeting to her,
She checks them out,
And lets them in,
And then a journey begins,
Of loving and giving,
Sharing and trusting,
Often it works out fine!
There have been times,
When it did deeply hurt ,
Causing her to shrivel within,
But she can hardly remain,
Impassive or tough,
Unmoved or unfeeling,
To flip it off and let it fade,
She was never made,
To be that way!
She hurts, she cries,
But she knows in time,
Love will have its way.

She was once a toughened nut,
But pure love has had its sway,
Little things in life,
Have made her what she is today,
To lose a friend,
Her soul, it does rend.
Neither brazen or cold
Nor even bold is she,
You know her now,
You knew her then,
That she could never pretend.
Life goes on,
And seasons change.

Hoping to find,
Each other again.
Maybe you will,
Maybe you won’t,
It hardly matters,
Because in time,
The shell had opened,
To receive,
The grain of sand,
That disturbs the peace,
To birth the pearl,
That shall remain,
Uniquely precious,
For all eternity ingrained!

© 2011 Dawn


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