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A guitar is like a gun

Updated on November 6, 2012

Half as loud and twice as deadly...

Steady grasshopper steady,

the one two skip a few turned out kinda shitty... So I'm gonna stick with what I know and stay ready Betty,

boop has the scoop, bent over in in a pooper groupers stoop, ewww... That looks like spaghetti,

and meatballs, boyardee chef I thought the last one was a mess... This ones already been hacked to death by yes you guessed... Freddy,

krueger was a real mover and shaker with a five fingered metal shanker, what a wanker... You're gonna loose that thing if you spank er', desert these tales... Tales from the Serengeti,

lovely... Now we're in the desert and I forgot my cooler buddy,

no food no drink... And I think... Did you just hear that... lightning it blinked, thundering down with rain... We're stayin', the trail can't bee maintained it's too muddy,

waters crackle and pop from the phone I just dropped, sopped up by the slop... that's it, that's all I got... Just in-case you forgot... We set off at the guitar shop and made a bathroom pit stop before walking out into death valley really far... Barstow??? Hunter Thompson, there he goes... With a cracked smile, warm and ruddy,

driving some trashed out whale, what a tale... But I think some parts were kinda' crummy,

what... What do you mean mummy,

well with that one part about the Serengeti... And now... You're kinda' stumbling,

I thought we were home from this trip some guy walks by mumbling,

bumbling for his booze... Look ma' that guy has no shoes, to hell with his shoe's... Where's his pants at gums smack as she faints crumbling,

remember one thing... don't walk around with you're king ding-a-ling swinging in the breeze while playing your 6 string,

laughter... with sing


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