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A letter to my childhood ghost

Updated on April 29, 2017
Deepali Sharma profile image

Deepali Sharma is an art enthusiast and an author who through her art form tries to bring out the darkest and the deepest facets of life.

hey you! who do you think you are?What made you claim a filthy right on my body?What made you lay your hands on my skin?What made you lay your eyes on my private parts?
you, you are still my scariest nightmare.You are still my deepest secret.You are still that eerie wind which when blows throws me back into that haunted room of sadness, of pain, of death.
you are the ghost of my childhood, coming from under my bed, haunting my dreams every night even though i covered myself with that blanket, covering even the space for me to breathe but i was weak and you were strong.My hands weren't strong enough and you had the strength to take off that blanket peeling off every inch of my flesh glued with it.You ate every piece of my soul digging your soul deep inside my skin that the cuts it made are still fresh
You are the reason i stay inside my closet.You are the reason i'm scared in my own closet.You are the reason i scream in silence.You are the reason i keep myself from hugging my own father.You are the reason why i can't trust my own brother.You are the reason that keeps me from falling in love with a guy because every time i see his eyes..... it reminds me of the eyes you laid on me .Every time his hands touch mine... i feel your fingers crawling up my legs giving me that feeling of dirt, of filth, of disgust again.
Today,my childhood's gone.......and so are youbut i still feel your ghost coming from under my bedtaking off my blanketeating out my soul.


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