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A letter to my grandfather

Updated on April 29, 2017
Deepali Sharma profile image

Deepali Sharma is an art enthusiast and an author who through her art form tries to bring out the darkest and the deepest facets of life.

Hey buddy!
How are you?
Well, I know you've never been this happy before.
For now, you can finally take Pakistan's side in the match.
For now, you can finally meet your brother and talk about sexy angels.
For now, you can finally bum your smoke. I'm not gonna stop you.
For now, the whisky won't harm you.

I've been trying to write this letter since three years but I never had the
guts to apologize.
I guess now I'm ready for I know that you'll forgive me.
You will, right?

I wanna let you know that I'm sorry.
I am so so sorry that I couldn't see your eyes searching for me.
I couldn't hear your voice calling for me.
Remember the time when you used to tell us stories , those beautiful
stories which used to end with that last sweet kiss?
I remember them all.
But, the story that's closest to my heart is the one you never told.
Three years back, finally the story ended
but you forgot to take that last kiss.

Now, that you're gone, I can finally see your face.
I can finally see that halo above your head
and I can finally admit that I miss the man I loved
I miss your broken bed
I miss the voice of your dragging feet
I miss your songs
I miss your smile
I miss your stories
and I miss that last kiss.

Now, that you've gone I can finally admit that you did look handsome with
all your broken teeth....
That you are sexier than all your sons...
Especially the eldest one.

Now, that you're gone I can finally admit that I am sorry that I let go off
your hand .

Now, that you're gone, I promise to never let go off your hand.

I'll never let go off your hand.


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