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A letter to my sweetheart

Updated on January 21, 2016


You never fail to dazzle me.

We talk endlessly

as we work together

in city streets.

But with you,

every street seems

bloomed with

scores of daffodils.

Thoughts migrate

to a place of quietude.

A picture of scenic beauty

loaded with ambience

unfolds right

across my sight,

when you're with me.

With every step,

I take with you,

holding your hand,

the fragrance of life

unveils itself further

with every word,

you utter

heavens bow down

to thee

envying me for my luck.

With every gesture

your eyes make,

heart runs high

to gasp in

the euphoria of your essence.

And with every smile

you draw

I attain nirvana

on earth.

I am no poet

I am no philosopher

These are raw feelings

converted to words

when we embark on

a simple walk.


how much I love you

rest of the times.

© 2016 amorebliss


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