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A Little Thing Cheers the Most!

Updated on November 12, 2011

A Little Thing cheers the most!

By Shiva -Hubpages

It was my favourite Aunt Molly’s birthday. She was an affluent woman with a great deal of wealth, which probably saved her entire life on earth. Although she possessed asserts that valued a king’s ransom, she remained calm and kept her emotion undisturbed by any circumstances. What I most desired in her was her crystal clear white eyes and the childish smile that made me forget the world around me.

Aunt Molly lost her beloved husband, Uncle Moorish two years ago during the fall. Losing beloved ones for ever in life spears the heart and makes the entire life torn apart. This was no exception in Aunt Molly’s isolated life. Her ways of smoothing everything in her heart was so unique. At times I was myself amazed at the thought of her emotional calamity which conquered her feelingsfor only a very short time. I did say my Aunt Molly was an iron woman with unconquered feelings.

I had never seen her idling or even having a nap in the day time. Her days were not really busy, but organized in a way which made me feel that she has nothing to do. But no one imagine the wonders she could do to make every one amazed. Her home garden revealed a lot about her hard work and the interior design exposed us a lot about her instincts.

She did all the household chores all by herself. She was an unusual womanthat I had ever seen at my age. Every bit of work of hers was so neat and tidy. I learnt a lot about useful things from my Aunt Molly. She was not only a respected woman but also had sympathetic attitudes which earned a great deal of reputation and respect among the inhabitants.

Aunt Molly was my father’s elder sister, who extended her helping hand to fulfill our family financial dispute a great deal. At the time of our own adversity my Aunt Molly comforted my deceased father, who had lived with the support of her. All of a sudden my father bit the dust out of the blue and Aunt Molly’s loving kindness engulfed my mother and me, the only survival in the family. She never ever let me lament over the sudden death of my father. She was right next to me wiping my tears rolling down the cheeks, hugging me and her positive attitudes always made me forget what had happened to my early age of my life.

My mother and I moved into Aunt Molly’s residence to pay attention to her advice. It was the first time I had experienced a prosperous life and the real comfort of love and warmth together. I was like a little bird hovering all over the house. More I hung over the house, more I learnt about my Aunt Molly’s way of life.

All went so well, until the day on which she was born in the world. It was her birthday! She invited most of friends to the party. There were nearly 100 visitors filled the mansion colourfully. I had a glimpse of my Aunt Molly’s face which sparkled differently on that day. I had never seen such a different look in her before. Even though she was so busy, now and then she approached me and kissed my forehead and patted me on my back, sailed away waving her hand at me as if she was departing me forever to a distant land.

It was high timeto begin the party by breaking the ice, there was a clattering of sounds and laughter mixed the air. All of a sudden my aunt walked to the middle of the celebration hall, holding a glass of wine, raised the glass, and toasted. “This is to my little angel!” All of a sudden I wonderedwho that little angle was and everyone else did the same. I was much surprised when she walked towards me and leaned and kissed my cheeks affectionately and dragged my hand, walked to the middle and looked around the crowd very proudly for a moment without a word of utterance. There was a spell-bound silence engulfed all over the hall. Every one badly expected what she was going to announce!

She threw her right hand around my waist, dragged me so tight and said, " This is my beloved daughter who has been with me without knowing the truth for some reason that I am her biological mother.” No one could make out what was going on.

I knew it was a lie to make me feel good. I looked at my mother, sitting in the front raw; her eyes covered with tears. I was not in a position to make her tears out. I gave my Aunt Molly the same bunch of wild flowers I used to pick on the way to see her every morning. When she saw the bunch of flowers, without warning, burst into tears, hugging me again and kissed me on my forehead. She handed over a white envelope to me announcing with tears again. “This is the possessor of all my possessions and I have given the lawful authority to manipulate to her from now on. Even though I became the heir of her possession over night, I preferred to be the same wild flower to my Aunt Molly.

I used to be a wild flower, it was not admired by any one, yet the wild flower also has fragrance, colour and fashion the same as the garden flowers. All the Wild flowers are looked after by the grace of the Almighty. My Aunt Molly was an admirer of wild flowers. I had been a wild flower to my Aunt Molly, before it withered, she watered and nursed it. Little things in life matter the most! If you value little things in life, you will see the brighter side of your hidden happiness in life.

written 2009

edited 2011


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