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A longer Distant Love.

Updated on November 14, 2009

A Longer Distant Love.





I could not have been any sadder,
since that foul day when you were lost,
I climbed way up upon a ladder,
and on the skylight, in the frost,
I made a heart with your name in it,
and mine below, true love it swore
It only took me but a minute,
I wish I could have sent you more,
but you are gone, and I am lonely,
there is no other way to send,
a Valentine to who I'm missing,
my love, my life, my dearest friend.

I sat and wrote the sweetest love note
and tied it to a big balloon,
filled up with helium, it will float,
to heavenly shores, and reach you soon,
I watched it grow so very tiny,
while promising you never would,
my eyes grew wet with teardrops shiny,
for what we had was so darned good,

At last this day is finally finished,
into my empty bed I'll climb,
though all my dreams are now diminished,
I've wished you happy Valentine's,
though heaven sent, you still are mine.


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