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A look at life through the eyes of a dead friend

Updated on November 7, 2010
Taken in the Blue Mountains, Australia
Taken in the Blue Mountains, Australia | Source

The Other Side

Old friend,

I have so much to ask of you.

Your perception intrigues me,

As I look through your sunken eyes

The mysteries you left me,

My mind cannot contain,

The thoughts of wonder;

My insecurities are revealed.

I topped the Himalayas and

Burned through the sand of the Mojave

Withstood the ice and fire,

But could not see heaven or hell.

I asked the question,

But only the wind could answer.

Explanations are abstract,

The intangible escapes me.

And yet there you lie,

In the wet and dark.

Cold and alone

Silent and still.

Do you continue on unknowing,

A circulation for eternity

Reliving your animation,

Nescient to your existence.

The spark that ignites the world

I once saw in your eyes

Has that dirt suffocated the flame?

Or is the need for oxygen an illusion.

Because with every beginning comes an end

And each breath brings finite life.

Compelled to move forward,

Blind and ignorant, we progress

But is this the sum of our disillusion,

A simple end to life?


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    • profile image

      PoemLoverr 7 years ago

      Inspired such a wonderful excuse me onderful poem!!