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A love that still leaves me grieved

Updated on May 9, 2017

Watching this helps. Esp for kids

Wish you were here...

It's been a few months but memories are still playing in absence of you.

Remember the time that I made you laughed. I looked at you and thought hey your genuine.

People flocked to hear your wisdom.

It took me be just a short time to know you but it wasn't enough.

Things were revealed and expectations were hoping.

But then it happened...

Only a last conversation with you. You were happy and laughing.

Later on you were gone. Shocked I didn't know what to do.

No no no no please not this person!!! Oh God no!!!!

Why..... Things were going good then you were taken by evil.

I cried many days

Thought it wasn't fair because the pain felt by your family is greater.

Then fear took the place of shock.. first real loss

The love outpouring was comforting

Still avoiding crying from welling up

Watched a video today on family grieving. Then I cried.

I miss you so much. To me your absence is like going a long trip or having moved away.

The things I tell myself to stop this.

Conversations I sometimes replay to not forget you.

Or think of your warm embraces.

Am sorry I couldn't get to send you off.... I couldn't think I could have hold myself during that time. It was to much to handle.

Hell I was frightened afterwards.. didn't wanted to go no way..

Couldn't say why I acted that way. Nobody knew your connection to me. It's better that way. I'll grieve in silence but am better now..

Going to make you proud but it's not the same.

Near but far. Can't bear to look at it.

It scares me but I got God and he knows bravery.

Times where it's good and then there depth felt so suddenly I cannot control it.

Oh come back!!!!!

Let's see up and smile

Just memories

Still miss you..

It's good to write down your feelings. Helps to lessen the tension of trying to be whole.


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