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A lovesong of a useless war

Updated on April 18, 2016

free poetry by Shonah Milne Melton on the uselessness of war

A love-song of a useless war!

The moon shone bright, the night was young,

He took her hand and he softly sung.

You’re an angel to the human sight,

Eyes soft, gently touched with sparks of light.

Hair flecked with golden rays above,

I’m walking on a cloud of love.

My heart sings for joy at the sight of you,

You’re gentle, kind and loving too.

The only words you’ll hear me say,

If I had to make a wish one day,

Would be marry me, be mine all always,

I’ll cherish you ‘till the end of our days.

But alas my love, tonight we sail,

And someday you’ll marry another male.

The task before me lies in gloom,

For the outcome of it can only end in doom.

The war has started and on it will rage,

And we that fight, are trapped - as if in a cage.

What will be the final outcome I wonder,

Listen my love to the guns of thunder.

Lightning of bombs will brighten the sky,

As many a true men will surely die.

But what can we as mortals do,

To defeat the evil ones untrue.

Most people desire power and fame,

Authority, money – it all seems quite lame.

We must fight a war they have started,

Bravely to go and be cold bloodily martyreded.

Together we must stand as country, a nation,

And try to receive a little revelation,

Of how to conquer, to live not die,

Now my darling I must say goodbye.

The ship sailed away that terrible night,

To join the battle and the bloody fight.

It broke up homes, marriages and lives,

Cutting through the nation like sharp edged knives.

Bullets shot by as he ran to shelter,

Dodging mines, bombs, helter skelter.

He screamed in pain as a bullet entered his shin,

Two others whizzing on, hitting heart and chin.

He saw her face, her hair, her eyes,

Nobody heard his dying cries.

Mingled with hate, love and pain,

The sky clouded over and the heavens cried rain.

With a smile and a sigh, his short life,

He left this world to be newly mended.

But one broken heart he left behind,

Waiting for another love to find.

Written by Shonah Milne Melton-©-1985


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