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Was I wrong by writing this letter?

Updated on December 26, 2012

This is a short rant about a ship (The USS Constitution) that my employer chose to use as an example of why this ship, or it's crew wouldn't be hired today

To my old friends and hopefully some new ones.

Those of you, whom have read my profile page, know that I have been a Captain on offshore vessels that run personnel, & supplies to platforms and drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

We have safety meetings on a daily basis's. We also have weekly safety drills, Fire drills, Man Overboard drills, Abandon Ship drills, and so on. Everything has to be documented. The paperwork goes in both directions between the boat & the office.
It's a madhouse every time we get to the docks. Always so much to get done, & never enough time to do it. Sometimes things just get on your nerves.

I don’t own the boats that I work on. The boats belong to the companies I have worked for. The boat companies lease the boats and crews to the oil companies, and other interests in the Gulf of Mexico.

All these companies (including all the ones that I have worked for) have safety rules, emergency drills, and drug / alcohol policies that have to be followed. I have no problem with these policies. When you’re 100 miles offshore, these rules can be and have been matters of life and death.

A few months earlier, our company had installed a primitive (new to us) version of a system that was some what like a wireless e-mail system on the boat. It was mainly for company use, but crew members were allowed to open personal accounts (for a fee) so we could send or receive messages from home. This thing was so slow, it sometimes took three days for the message to be delivered.

One day we received and printed several new messages from the office. One of these messages was a letter from the safety dept, and something about it just set me off.

The following picture is a copy of that page. (Marked as Page 4.)

I don’t own the personal rites for the first page, (Photo marked as Page 4.) but I do believe it’s a matter of public records.

The second page (Marked as Page 1) is my personal response to the other page.

I do own the rites to this page.

Believe it or not, I didn’t get fired, but I did get put at the top of the list. I assume everyone can figure out what list.

I wouldn't recommend doing this with the company you work for.


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