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A mother loves all her children but in different ways.

Updated on April 6, 2013
Bolo is the love of my life and I trusted him with everything you can imagine. I have known him all my life because his Dad and mine heads one communication company and the desire(s) of our parents was to see us tie knots, of course, that was my only dream as well, eleven years of courtship makes marriage the end result.

Things were just fine until one day, it was a Saturday and I was at his place as usual then he left with Mike his best friend to buy some Italian food in the Italian restaurant down the street, I wanted to go with them but he asked me to clean this, clean that and watch his cloths which were washing in the machine so I stayed back.

Just a minute after they left, his cell phone rang, I beeped outside but they were gone. Then I began to clean the living room and again the cell phone rang, it was an incoming text message so I picked the phone and checked the message.


Oh heavenly Father I cried, what is this? I was shaking as I scrolled down his inbox and checked all his messages, believe me;this might be the worst thing I ever did because my heart broke afterward, "Better leave a sleeping dog lie", they say.The pain was unbearable, there were so many romantic messages from different ladies, about twelve of them, I became very angry and could not hold myself and tears kept pouring out like tap water from my eyes, I did not know what to do but something pushed me out from the house and I was on my way to the restaurant.

As I approached the restaurant, I saw Bolo my husband to be and his best friend Mike sitting with two ladies, I could not believe my eyes, this is a guy who said he was going to buy Italian food sitting in a restaurant opposite the Italian restaurant with women and to worsen it, they kissed each other as I entered then i immediately descended on him, i coursed him and Mike too, i wanted to fight the ladies but the owners of the restaurant intervened and as we left the restaurant, I made up my mind that I will not see him anymore.

I made up my mind that it was over between us, he has been cheating on me all these years, and even had the caught to tell the lady that they will see later, he walked her to her car while I stood crying, then he left. I didn’t know how and when I got back to his house, the shock was too much for me, I cried and cried all because of the text messages then saw the physical, who am I not to break down?

I cried myself out and by now Mike was nowhere to be found, he knew that I will blame him so he disappeared. I don’t know if you have seen yourself in this kind of situation as you read my story today, believe me; it took me five hours to gather the courage just to ask him one question…'Bolo, WHY?'

The house was quiet but my groaning could be heard at the street, I cried and cried and cried then when I finally stood and asked him why, he gave me an answer which sent me close to the mortuary because I woke up two days later and found myself lying on the hospital bed, I didn’t know how I ended there nor remembered what happened before I got there.I saw my Mother next to me and she told me that i have been there two nights.

I lost my memory which would take another six months to be treated, believe me, I lost myself and to worsen the matter, in all the seven months I spent in the hospital my so called husband to be visited me just twice. It was after my recovery that I recalled what happened. You see, all I can say is that I am now free, believe me I am because there is no need parading myself as a wife to be in the life of a man who doesn’t love nor care about me.

I was happy that he asked me to stay back that day, if not I would not have discovered the text messages and although he had plans to see that stupid lady that same day but if I had insisted to go with them, guess he would have changed his game plan and who knows, we might be married by now. O! Bolo, Bolo, I still miss him and every time I see him I feel like hugging him, why should I fall out and give another woman the chance?

It is true that if he truly love me, he will not cheat on me, it is also true that I don’t have to fight to win his love but you see, he said it that day when I asked him why, he boldly told me that “A mother loves all her children but in different ways”. Bolo, you broke my heart. He showed no remorse and our parents tried to make things work between us, we had series of meeting as if it was a land deal gone wrong but I have made up my mind, nothing will ever make it work.

As you can see; men can pretend, he was being a hardcore yet dying to get me back and at one point, he sent Mike who had already apologized to me one on one. I am not blaming him, how can i? He was watching his friend’s back and that is guys for you. Four months has passed, how time run? I called my younger sister after setting up an appointment with Mike and I begged him not to let Bolo know about our meeting, guess he told him because the two of them are like butter and bread.

During our meeting, my younger sister hide somewhere because we met at an open bar, she took shoots of us and even when I kissed him; that was it. I told him that I love him. There was a follow-up text messages and phone calls and I made it clear to him that it is over between me and his friend, you see, he was stubborn and a loyal type but who says that nature doesn’t play its own role in our lives, it was like an answer to my prayer as Bolo traveled out of the country for two weeks, now five months after our break up.

Mike was the one who dropped him off at the airport, I met him about three times during the idiot’s absence and gush! I finally got him, yes and we did it and as we were doing it, Rebecca’s camera’s was doing its work as well, you see Rebecca was a trained private Investigator and her camera has big eyes. I got what I wanted, yes I got it and immediately Bolo came back, I sent him the gift I had well packaged for him. Few pictures from all my meeting with Mike and ten from the day we did it then with a note.”Your friend and your ex”.

My intention was not to just to sleep with him, no! I blamed him for everything, why shouldn’t I blame him? He wasn’t a good friend and always ate from me, I was hurt and I wanted to break up everything, Bolo needed to lose him and confidence in him as well, who said that I don’t blame him, he carried all the blame because all these while, I have pretended that it was okay between us but it wasn’t so now Bolo will see the idiot he considered “My number 6” as he fondly called him.

Anyway, someone very close to them told me that they almost had a fight but I was shocked two weeks later to see them together and to worsen it, in the company of two girls I used to know, o! my heart is broken, this two guys are idiots I concluded then the regret again; both of them has used me…O! GOODNESS ME, It was my entire fault.

I don’t know if you learned anything from my story but like Bolo said, “In different ways”. I would have forgiven him, he was right, he loved all his girl friends but in different ways and there is no doubt that we wouldn’t have made it to the altar but anyway although I now wallow in regret and seeing him every day in the same place, an office we now co-own especially when he chat with other ladies breaks me down but I wouldn’t be happier either to have a hubby who cheats on me, it is okay. A mother loves all her children but in different ways indeed so let it be.

Bolo, you win;i loose!!!


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    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      5 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks for sharing this Queency

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      When my boyfriend left me for another woman all I could think about was getting him back. I was not out of the closet to my family and had lived a straight lifestyle my entire life until recently. My boyfriend cheated on me and moved out of my house when I was away at work. I came home to a letter that didn't even make sense. I had a love spell cast by and within three (3) days he was at my doorstep once again. I was so relieved!! Him coming back to me gave me the strength to tell my family about us and the time we spent apart really brought us closer together than we ever have been! I highly recommend his love spells because they work very well!


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