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A new start

Updated on January 28, 2012

A New Start

Broken teeth

Bloody fists

I fight for attention

I fight for the right

Broken teeth

Bloody fists

That kid he swore he'd get me

Then we fought in the school parking lot

I broke his jaw

They all stood in awe

I stepped back

They just stared

The geek had never beat the jock

I turned and ran

In shock

And yet this girl she just stalked

While the others stood and gawked

I slowed down

There she was with a frown

She said to me how could this be

We walked and talked

They still stood and gawked

And that was it

The girl that was a Goth

The guy that was a geek

They were good for a time

Then she broke his heart and once again it was time for a new start


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