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A Night to Remember- The Walk

Updated on May 21, 2014

I walked with amongst others, friends, families, strangers, but somehow, our walk, was beyond different, different from those others, different from everything else.

In life, it makes you wonder, how can the littlest of things count? Things that are nowhere near important, things that are easily forgotten. Like a walk in the night or like a toy amongst other toys in a toy box. These things are usually taken for granted because they are, after all, unimportant in the eyes of men. I guess I found out what made the smallest of things and events important. I found out that in certain things, such as a toy, little as it may be and even if there are thousands of them out there, can still be important to someone’s life. In what way you ask? And how can one thing stand out among the thousand others? Simple really, and that is the idea of gratitude or the idea of importance. The toy can be a gift from someone special, like a mother, perhaps, or it can be different in a way that it was specially made for that child. Such a little thing can be different among others because we make it so, we choose it to be important than others. I made that walk important, I made that walk of ours, a walk to remember.

The moment we pass through that door and into the outside, I swear, I felt that my entire body was about to fall into a million pieces. It felt like I had won a million dollars. It felt like I had dragons in my stomach, either way, it was one hell of a feeling.

“Are you sure about this? I mean we can take a taxi going to your home and it’ll be much faster and less tiring.” I said.

“Waste of money. Plus, who said anything about going home?” You said to me then you laughed one of your gorgeous laughs and I was happy. Where else and what else do I want to do that night than to be there with you? Our moment was infinite. But sadly, infinite in this world does not exist. Everything is limited, the same with our time together.

Where did we walk to? Sadly, I don’t remember every street, nook and cranny that we pass through. I remember a couple of places though and those places were the most important ones.

“I’m hungry.” You said. I was too. It was ten-thirty in the evening and I’m craving for-

“Ice cream! I want Ice cream!” You shouted like a little girl. I never expected that from you-shouting like a little girl. But it was cute and adorable so I went with it.

The closest ice cream-breakfast-lunch-dinner diner nearby was Mary’s café. I remember my dad and mom bringing me to that café. It was always packed with people, teens, parents, boys and girls on a date; it was a place for everyone. And rumor has it that it has the best ice cream in town. Screw “best ice cream in town”, the ice cream I had with you in that diner was the best ice cream I’ll ever have in this world and lifetime.

As I open the door and let you in (in the most gentleman way possible), we got a few people eyeing at us as we walk in. I mean you were wearing a purple dress and I was wearing a tuxedo, who wouldn’t look at us. I just wondered if we look cute or look crazy in our outfits. Definitely, I would say that we look cute in our outfit. We sat in the chairs they had near the cashier, you know the place that’s like a bar or something? (I have no idea what you call it.) You get the idea. Then a, well, chubby lady who was I guess was the waitress, with the name “Rita” pinned in her uniform approached us.

“It’s too early for Halloween.” She said to us. You turned a bit red and looked embarrassed.

“Can we get your best ice cream around here?” I said with a smile, hoping to turn her attention around.

“Yeah sure, sweetheart, which one you want?” She said as she pointed to the menu.

“Uhhh, what do you want?” I asked you. It took you a minute to look through the menu.

“Strawberries! I want strawberries!” You shouted once again, like a little girl.

“So you uhh, her babysitter or something?” Rita asked. It was my turn to be embarrassed.

“Well uhhh no, yes, I don’t know. Can we just get two strawberries, please?” I said, my face turning red and warm from the embarrassment I felt.

“Okay sweetheart. Can I get you any drinks?”

“Coke! We want coke!”

God, you were adorable. I guess the way you acted was so cute that I never expected it from you. You were always so mature, so serious looking, that I would never know you had that side. That’ll teach me to judge a book by its cover.

Rita went to the back of the diner to prepare the ice cream. While I sat there with you, with some people still looking at us.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to shame you.” You said.

“It’s okay! Really! It’s great, actually. I… I never knew you had that side in you.” I said, and you might’ve noticed that my face was so red and warm that it could have been the surface of the sun. You looked serious, however.

“It’s just… I’ve never been on a date before. My whole life.” You said to me. I was in shock because of two things. First, you call what we were doing a “date”(Personally, I call it “The Walk” but “a date” sounds much better) Second, was that you’ve never been on a date. I mean, a beautiful girl, such as you, never been on a date. I thought that it was impossible.

“A date huh? I’ve never been in one before too.” I said. That took a lot from me and I bet it took a lot from you too, to say those things.

“I’ve always been locked up. I can’t always do the things I want. My friends are books whenever I’m home. I always feel like… Rapunzel.” You said to me, your eyes were teary.

“Well, now you’re out from your tower.” I said with a smile. I tried hard to make that smile, but I guess it was good because you smiled back. Then once again, you said something that was enough to make my world light up, enough to make me feel happy for the rest of my life.

“Yeah, all thanks to you, prince charming.”

You could’ve seen that I was stunned. You could’ve seen that I was shocked. But you’ll never see the amount of happiness I felt when you said those words. I was so happy that I couldn’t react. I was so happy that I stood still. Weird huh? I could’ve stood still for the rest of the night, if not for the ice cream that Rita brought. The ice creams were huge. And once again, I was in shock when you finished the entire thing while I was halfway through mine.

We were always laughing, smiling as we eat through the mountain of ice cream we had and drinking coke, which I have to say, the worst combination ever. But with you and our emotions that night, that was the best combination I can ever have for the rest of my life. I don’t remember what we talked about, but I knew that they were random topics, about life, people, movies, everything I wanted to talk about with you. I looked up my watch at one point and it placed sadness in my face. Your phone rang and it made me remember that we only had this borrowed time. It made me think that we had this time borrowed away from the rest of the universe. You ignored it and continue on laughing with me.

“Don’t worry” you said to me. “This night will never end.”

“But it will!” I said out of desperation. “I wish that it won’t”

“It won’t. Don’t worry. This night will last in our hearts forever.”

There’s a thing that I never told you about. There was a reason why I wanted that night to last forever. I was leaving to some other place, far far away. I fought my parents, telling them I didn’t want to go, but I never had a choice. They kept saying that there were other opportunities out there. They kept saying that there will always be enough ground for me to grow anew. I guess they were right. But now I think that it was a curse. That night with you, wanted me to throw everything away and just be with you.

We walked in circles around the neighborhood. Well, I thought that it was circles anyways. We talked for an hour until you stopped and stood still. It was in something that you saw. It was a playground.

“It’s the playground that my mom and dad used to bring me to everyday.” You said plainly and standing still. “My house isn’t too far away.”

My heart sank. I thought that we were walking in circles; I thought that we were never be able to get home. I thought that it would last forever. But nothing lasts forever.

You walked to the playground and sat on the swing. You gestured to me to sit to the swing next to you. I walked as slowly as I can. I guess you noticed because you giggled. I looked at you and you smiled. I tried to smile, but I couldn’t. I was frustrated, I was sad, that somewhere close was your house, our intended destination.

I sat next to the swing next to you, just like you wanted me to. I looked at you and you pointed up to the sky. I looked up to the sky and saw the stars shining.

“They’re not shining just because they have to. They’re shining because we want them to. They’re shining because we need them to.” You said.

“Why do we need them to shine?” I asked as I look at the stars.

“It’s because they are doors. They are the doors to the past, to the future, to the present. That’s why time always stands still when you look at the stars, because you look at time itself. All your memories they store, somewhere up there, and they’re always open for you to remember. So just remember that everytime you look up to the stars, that they are the same stars that I’m looking at too.”

I will never forget those words. Time may end at some point, life alongside with it, and those are the things that scared me the most. But when you said those words to me, none of those things mattered. You made me feel safe.

“I guess…. I guess that this is goodbye.” I said as I try to fight back the tears.

“Yes, this is goodbye, but remember that goodbye isn’t forever. This world has it ways to bring us back together and sometimes, all we have to do is wait. Like the stars.” You said to me as you stand up from the swing. You walked to me and kissed me in the forehead. I felt calm and warm. My heart felt safe, my soul felt refreshed. You smiled at me and simply walked away.

I looked at you as you walk the road to your house. You might have never noticed that I passed through your house. I saw your parents hugging you, telling me that you were safe and that they will always be there to love you. It made me smile and remembered that I too, have parents who are worried. I grabbed my phone and called my mom to pick me up in the playground that we stayed in for a while. She said that she was going to be there as fast as she can. I sat back in the swing and remembering the night we had.

When my mom got to the playground, she gave me a hug.

“Your dad is so worried about you! Why didn’t you pick up your phone?” She asked me.

“I was having fun like you wanted me to, mom.” I replied plainly and with a smile.

“Okay then, sweetie, let’s get you home.” She said. I was surprised that she didn’t asked why I was in a playground.

As she drives the car into endless roads and streets, she noticed me staring at something.

“What are you looking at sweetie?” She asked.

“At the stars.”


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