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A night to remember-Debut

Updated on April 16, 2014
The good is over, the best is still yet to come.
The good is over, the best is still yet to come.

I remember that night completely. It felt like it was just yesterday. The smell of roses, the colour purple which was dominant in the room, the vibrant atmosphere, company of good friends, and lastly, and never the least, I remember you. Of all the things that I could remember, I remember you, because it wasn’t just a night, it wasn’t just my night, it was our night.

It was a debut of a close friend of ours. You and she are close buddies, close as peanut butter and jelly. I would constantly see you with her in our university. You would hang out with her with a bunch of other friends, laughing, talking, and enjoying your time with each other. Many times I wanted to approach you, many times I wanted to talk to you, yeah, we had talks, but mostly they were small talks. Our small talks could never scratch the surface of the thousands of millions of topics I wanted to talk to you about, topics about life, about freedom and free will, about your God, about love. I guess I never had the guts to talk to you about those things or probably it was because I was busy. I was busy. My excuse to almost everything. It’s almost a good excuse to some people, but it was never a good excuse for you. If I really wanted to talk to you, I should’ve made time, for you and me. You were never busy; at least I think that you’re never busy.

You’ve always been smart. Not just about academics, but about a huge variety of things. That’s not the thing that got me, though. The thing that got me fascinated about you being smart is that, even though you are THAT smart, you’re still humble, you are still willing to learn more from people, even if you know that they are wrong, you would still side them, even if you knew that it was stupid. I could never win debates with you. Partly, it was because I was scared. Scared of making you angry and scared of your intelligence. You are smarter than most, smarter than me, and you know that.

I never knew that night would be different. Well, most of us don’t know when things are really going to be different. We leave that “knowing” and “planning” part to someone else, someone else higher. We just go on living every day, enjoying and regretting decisions that we make. I did not regret anything that night, that’s for sure. Every single second of that night, was more than what I could ask for.

I remember rushing and searching the entire house for my newly bought bow-tie. I shouted and kept asking my mom where it could possibly be. She was always a “neat-freak” and she always place things in the places she wanted them to be. Not where I want them to be, where she wants them to be. That was always our problem in our house. My dad was waiting for at most thirty minutes in our car, I thought that he was getting impatient, but then again it was “Jazz” day that day. Every Wednesday his favourite radio station would have a segment where they would play all Jazz songs. He enjoyed listening to Jazz and nothing else; I bet that was the reason why he liked the radio station. My mom finally remembered where she placed it (Sometimes she forgets where she place things that she wanted to be placed in a place where she wanted them to be.) In a matter of seconds she came back to me and helped me wear the tie. “You look great! Let me take a picture!” I remember my mom saying with much excitement. I remember a lot of protesting and a lot of excuses, but in the end, I was powerless. She got my picture.

My mom would always tell me to have fun, whenever I go to events. She was so happy when I told her I was attending a friend’s debut. She became much happier when I told her that I was part of the eighteen roses. She told me that she would buy anything I need. I guess that’s pretty cool huh? I should’ve told her I needed a car for the debut. When I told my dad about the debut he said that he was proud of me and that he would drive me there. They really wanted that night to be memorable for me. And I never knew that it was going to be a night of you and me.

When I got to the car, I could hear the sound of jazz from the outside. My dad was swaying his head to the song which made me smirk a bit. I opened the door and he didn’t stop the head-swaying. The volume of the music player was also in its fullest and I was worried that the neighbours would hear. You could say I was pretty embarrassed. Turning red, embarrassed. I told him to lower the music a bit and I was lucky that he agreed to do it. I got in, strapped on the seatbelt and let my dad drive me to the event. He asked me if I had everything I needed. I responded that I got everything and more. He was happy; they were both happy, my mom and my dad.

I rarely go out of the house. I have friends, I have people I enjoy spending time with, but I just don’t like going out, that’s all. Since that was a big event for a friend of ours, I thought that I should attend.

When I reached the hotel, I saw a couple of our friends hanging out in the lobby. They were chatting and enjoying themselves. I remember telling them to wait for me. I didn’t see you there, though. I guess you were early. I told my dad that I should go and he told me to have fun, like what my mom used to say. I went out and saw the guys waving at me. I was happy.

The place where the debut was held was a big conference hall, filled with the colour purple. The tables were purple, the napkins, a lot of things were purple, and I must say, that I was glad that I bought the purple bow-tie for this event. When we reached the conference hall, I was amazed by how beautiful the place was. Our friend wasn’t there, yet, of course. But you were there and you were astounding in your white dress. I know that most of the girls there wore a white dress, but you were the prevailing one of them all. You were beautiful. You went to us and greeted us with a smile, which for a second mesmerized me. I didn’t know what to say at first. There was this huge awkward silence between all of us. I thought one of the most stupidest thing to break up the silence. I hugged you. I knew that you were shocked. I felt it. But you played it cool. “It’s nice to see you, too”, you said to me as I hug you. Deep inside I felt a relief over my uncomfortable feeling. I knew that you felt uncomfortable too, but you were still able to play it cool. After I hugged you, the guys were looking at the two of us. It was a weird look. Then they all laughed and teased us, I didn’t mind, because we were both smiling.

The entire party, as we both and all know, was amazing. It was fun and filled with laughter. I met new people, I said new things, and I was able to deliver my speech to our friend. She looked amazing as she walk down that red carpet in her purple gown. I bet you thought the same thing. You were close friends after all. I didn’t want the party to end. I was having fun with friends, new people and you, but all good things must come to an end. The good was about to end, the best is yet to come.

The party started to end. People started to go home, tired from the evening of happiness and laughter. I knew that I wasn’t going to get picked up. Mom and dad were busy having a date with each other and I didn’t want to bother them. I thought of just grabbing a taxi and go home. I was pretty drained from all the people and all the things that had happened that night, but it wasn’t going to end, just yet. Fate has a whole new thing planned out for me, something that I would never expect in this life and in the other. A night with you.

I went downstairs to the lobby. I told the desk clerk that I needed a taxi. She said that she was going to phone one for me, so I waited until the taxi gets to the hotel. Then I saw you talking with someone on your phone. You looked a bit distressed, I wanted to approach you but I couldn’t. Then you noticed me looking at you, you tried to smile and waved at me. I did the same. I thought to myself that it was going to be our last night with each other. I was about to leave someplace else for college and you were going to stay because of strict parents. I was just going to sit there in the lobby, staring at you, while I wait for my taxi to arrive. But that didn’t happen. The taxi arrived but I wasn’t in the lobby anymore.

I saw that you were sad and stressed out after the phone call. I approached you.

“Hey, is everything okay?” I asked. It took everything just for me to say those words.

“Yeah.” You replied silently. You hesitated for a moment and said, “My dad’s not going to pick me up.”

“Well, why don’t we share a taxi?” I asked.

You stared at something, I don’t know what, but I knew you were thinking about something. You smiled after a brief moment and you looked at me with your smile. I don’t know if you saw it on my face that I was clearly confused about what was happening. I thought that you may have lost your mind for a moment, but you didn’t. You offered me something that I could never decline.

“Why don’t we walk? Together.” You asked me with your smile. I was totally lost. My brain was confuzzled(that’s a word I made for that exact moment.) I wanted to say no, believe it or not, but thank God, I did not.

“Sure. I guess?” I answered, I was still confuzzled.

“Let’s go? We have a pretty far walk ahead of us.” You said to me, with your smile, with you ever beautiful soul.

“You’re right we have a long walk ahead of us.”


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