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A nomination and a thank you

Updated on September 27, 2013

Inspired writing

Writing is my solace

I often wondered what it is like to be recognized for an achievement that others truly derive great joy and inspiration from. I am often amazed that the ones bestowed with such recognition seem quite humble and for most of them they seem quite surprised and feel they are just lucky to be recognized for doing something they love.

I remember several years ago watching Tom Hanks accept an academy award for best actor in a movie in Forrest Gump in 1994 and if memory serves me correctly I believe he won the distinct honor 2 years in a row for his performance in the movie Philadelphia in the preceding year 1993. I was always a fan of Tom Hanks from his early years as a struggling actor and in his first tv show with co-star Peter Scolari back in 1979-1980 called Bosom Buddies which was a gender bender sitcom that was funny and entertaining.

I remember when Tom gave his acceptance speech after winning his very first Academy Award for his performance in Philadelphia he was very proud and very humble and he gave credit like all actors do in their shining moment trying to remember all those in their lives who helped them and encouraged them. I remember Tom giving a warm tribute to his drama teacher in his highschool who encouraged him and was a big influence in his life and taught him very valuable lessons on learning his craft as an actor and valuable life lessons.

The real true likable qualities I enjoy seeing in people are humility and appreciation to others who had been there for them. To me that is the sign of a genuine person who is gracious and thankful.

I am not a famous Hollywood actor but I am a human being with emotions, feelings, desires, dreams, goals, visions, ideals, memories, hardships, wonderful times, loving family and a heart to reach others with my personal experiences. Since I started writing my blog and recently writing here I have found a forum where people are so very warm and receptive and enjoy reading and writing. To me we are all blessed with a voice and we can use it anyway we wish and we have to take great responsibility and great pride for it is what we write and say that can have impact and move people in ways we could never imagine.

My first indication that I could write with heartfelt emotion was in response to a note written from my son's teacher when my son was in the third grade where his teacher indicated our son was having a very bad day at school and his actions were brought to the attention of the school principal and we were warned that he would most likely be suspended for his actions if they continued. I am a person who is quite sensitive and easily upset when it comes to seeing such painful reality especially when it comes to my son. I know my son has behavioral difficulties and sometimes can not always stay focused and at attention.

I have worked with his doctors, counselors, therapists, advocates, psychologists and teachers in trying to get him on the right track. We find at times it is a long road with many challenges and requires a great deal of patience, love and encouragement. When I composed my writing to his teacher I sat at the computer for over 2 hours trying to compose in my own words a letter addressing my concerns for my son and what we need to do to avoid having him suspended. I know most autistic children have difficulty with behavior and socialization so I emphasized that turning my son away from school and a setting he truly needs would not be the answer and that we had to make accommodations to get him the support he needed to keep him in the school and afforded an education that he is entitled to and that we pay for as a taxpayer. I was very calm in writing what I had to but also put all my heart and soul into it to let the school know we need help for our son.

When I received a response back from his teacher I could sense she was touched by what I had to say and made arrangements to have a school board meeting arranged to help address our concern and help get our son the help he needed. This made me realize the power of what we write and say as advocates for our children.

As I dealt with the past year and the sad, tragic moments and realities I took to my writing and reached deep within to say a final goodbye to my dad. My dad was a very kind, caring, loving, dedicated and special person who helped shape me and give me the courage to live my life and raise my family despite the struggles. My dad had his share of struggles but managed to get past them. In the end when I learned my dad had left us I cried for 3 days straight and all I could remember was how he loved us so much and did all he could to make our lives better. He was my inspiration and my biggest role model and I was touched by the love he had for mom and my 2 sisters. They were both so special and they truly loved each other and I was blessed to have them both in my life. As I write this I can't help but cry and think of those special days of my childhood and those days when Pop would spend hours with our son and help him and never treat him different. He was such a wonderful grandfather to Matty and I will never forget that. I know Matty will never forget that as he still wishes and hopes Pop will stop by and help him build his Lego city.

I was deeply touched by all of you who read my entry on Writing for a Purpose here at Hub Pages and for all the kind sentiments you left me. You truly help me deal with a difficult reality and I am so very grateful to all of you for you all have touched my heart in so many ways and inspire me to continue on this wonderful journey of self expression. Writing is truly my solace and it provides me a safe place to go to express my feelings, my thoughts, my emotions and seek the strength i need to be the best dad I can be for my son who needs me.

I am very blessed to have had a wonderful childhood, wonderful parents, wonderful sisters and I am so very blessed to have a wonderful wife and son who help me every day and give me the love and support we all need in our lives.

Thank you for recognizing my writing and for your nomination. I am very appreciative.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Gay Talese - Renowned writer


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    • bayoulady profile image

      bayoulady 7 years ago from Northern Louisiana,USA

      I just started following you a week or so back. Proud to be your fan!