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Updated on September 15, 2015

He first met her at school,

His hair was bleached and spiked; she thought he was a tool,

But she walked by, waived “Hi,” and thought to herself,

“He must be gothic or something, but I love his eyes they're so blue,”

With those blue eyes he looked back and said “I like your eyes too,”

She didn’t realize she was thinking out loud,

When the bell rang they continued to chat, bumping shoulders and laughing as they passed through the crowd,

Years had gone by, and they hadn’t spoken much,

They went on living separate lives, falling in love and staying out of touch,

He joined a band and had a son,

She moved away, and had some fun,

After several attempts to come home, she finally returned,

She got a phone, made a Facebook page; it was on there she learned,

The guy with the blue eyes that she met at school,

Still somewhat gothic, but not at all a tool,

His band was playing at a bar not too far, so last minute she decided to go,

They began catching up, hanging out together, and reminiscing about how they met so long ago,

He mentioned to her, I have a son named Gio,

Soon after she met him, little did she know,

They would become her whole life, and she would become a wife,

Of course it’s not always easy, they’ve gone down many rough roads,

But she will always be his biggest fan, especially when he’s playing at Toads,

Risk All in Life is the name of his band,

That’s what she did when she gave him her hand,

They’ve grown into a family that loves, laughs and likes to have fun,

In just a few short months they will be welcoming a little one,

-The End-

-In honor of my God son who will be arriving this summer-


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