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H.O.W. The World Will Look Like -- Back to That Future

Updated on December 9, 2012

Two choices in Life. You Choose one...

Ready, set, Go...!

Have you ever wondered how the world would have looked if the Roman empire had lasted until today? New York would have beeen called maybe "New Sicily," or maybe "New Tracie." But that never happened and we are here. The dice were rolled in favor of the barbarians and other tribes from Germain, Gaulle , and even the eastern tribes. So, there was luck and bad moves from the Senators and the Caesars. Do you see a similar picture in today's U.S.A?

What the World would look like if Alexander the Great had not died on June 11 323 B.C. Perhaps India and Iran (Persia) mightd've made alliances to get his empire down. But Alexander didn't make it that far. Rumor has it, he was poisoned by his own men. So, New York probably would've looked like a new version of the Parthenon. Just take a look at Wall St. and the Museum of Natural History. You will certainly notice traces of Hellenistic architecture.

Choices made that shaped a new world

Hitler wanted a Reich for a thousand years, and he was crazy about it! I can imagine New York City being renamed New Austria, and with good reasons. But it never happened. Russians, French and British allies, and the Americans of course, bombed that dream right into a pitiful Bunker.

I see him desperately putting a ring on Eva Anna Paula Braun on April 30th, 1945, and having a toast for the last time. How pathetic! His honeymoon was postponed for a well deserved hell of a penthouse; and he never lived his dream anyway. Was he able to make choices? Certainly, but his mind was set to be the Fuhrer we knew through Joseph Goebels' propaganda and nothing less! --- Reminds me of the apathy in this country. You either are a follower or a leader.

How Can We Make the Right Choices...

And get this country together? Is up to all of us. Conspiracy theories speak of a new world order and the annihilation of useless population. But going forward in our analysis; the choices start with each and everyone of us.

We either make an effort individually, or simply fall as a whole. I just looked through history and found out that Greed was the number one enemy. We earn money and want the best of the best. Every generation is getting close to becoming a "bunch of semi texting androids".

No wonder every cool kid wants to have the latest IPhone or IPad. Baby boomers are already witnessing an immorality never seen before, and that is worse than being in the middle of an unexpected drive-by shooting. Worse case scenario: landing on Normandy on D-day!

A quick Peek into Our Future...playing Nostradamus

  • January 2014, after long hours of debating, Democrats and Congress decided to change the name from "Fiscal cliff" to "fiscal slope." House Speaker John Boehner was glad the agreements were reached after postponing long deadlines-- due mainly to disagreements on the flat rate regarding the Alternative Minimum Tax. .
  • May 12, 2015, the Movie Avatar 2 is released worldwide.
  • November 8th, 2016, Two American women run for the presidency, and for the first time a woman is in charge at the White House. Advisers and English scholars are trying to work on the "First lady" term.
  • July 4th 2029, the European Agency for Space (AES), CERN, MIT and NASA, divert on time asteroid Apophis which was at 879,000 miles from our planet.

Do you think we are on time?

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Will this be the real future?

These were just glimpses into the nearer future. Not that things will happen that way. Nobody knows what the future will be like, unless is already here among us, through a parallel universe that converge intrinsically at certain moments with our conscious reality (sorry for borrowing your line Ruchira), but that is close to science fiction.

H.O.W. can we survive the odds from history?

I started this hub with history and how things didn't work out well for the so called empires. Like so many have said it before: we are living important decades in the history of our country. For me is the antechamber of irreversible changes.

I see scenes from "the miserables." and a big time party at Versailles (France), the night before that funnest July 14th, 1789. H.O.W. can we save this country? I don't even want to make comparisons with Rome anymore. This country was created and built by immigrants and pioneers. I cannot compare a Roman Centurion with a hard working American. I cannot compare Julius Caesar with our Senators -- Our senators make more money and don't have to worry about getting murdered. I cannot compare Walmart with a market full of flies and running pigs.

Who are the Barbarians from our times, and where are they?

Is in us. Complacency has invaded us and oh gee! We really do not care much for another human being unless it affects our own family. Maybe if you read completely those 50 and up articles written by hubbers who want a change, maybe changes will be made. Do we really want to save this nation? Are you willing to have a change within yourself? We didn't talk about money (will get me a Pizza after done with this hub). Our H.O.W. hubs are written with a human touch, just to give you sound ideas and promote proposals positively.

There is karma, yin and yang, action and reaction involved in what we do with our lives... and there is another person out there that might need us today or tomorrow. Just be cautious, don't donate money on the phone and give your checking account number. We hope we made you think and smile for a little while. Just make a change for the sake of your grand children and your own self. History will be written, or re-written, and we will see if we were on the right path.


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